Recent NLHU Soldier Finishers

NLHU is one of the most profitable and easy to learn forms of poker.

People keep saying HU is dying, but that is not a reality for our students.

They keep learning and improving, and achieving great results!

To prove a point, I’ll tell a story of two recent €60k NLHU Soldier finishers, “hucol” and “hugocabret”


DARWIN “hucol”

When Darwin “hucol” joined the HU program, he almost didn’t know how to play poker, he was a complete newbie.

And now he can live from his poker earnings.

How can someone with no experience learn how to crush at the tables this fast?

It is like I said, NLHU is the easiest poker format to learn.

And when you have coaches that are NLHU Coaching for Profits finishers, it becomes even easier, because absolutely everything a student can go through in the learning process, they have gone through themselves, so their advice are pure gold.

Darwin took advantage of all of their advice and now he can easily beat the HU games and live from it.

LAURI “hugocabret”

Lauri didn’t start CFP in the NLHU Soldier program, he started in the NL 6-max Crusher.

His life was not easy there, he ran pretty bad.

After contacting Gordon asking for advice, he mentioned he used to play NLHU professionally before joining BPC.

Gordon suggested him to move the NLHU Soldier program, and after switching, he started winning and improving fast.

After attending the poker camp in Malta his results got even better.

Lauri asking a question in the poker seminar.

He hit his first €10k month, also got a €10k week and broke the program record month that belonged to “Goodfake” winning €14.420.

In the last 3 months, he won €10k+, and I have no doubt he is going to keep this pace in the following months!

Graph from November (15k hands missing).

December graph.

January graph.


So you say NLHU is dying? Maybe for you who is not a student in our program! 😉

For them, HU completely alive!



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