Recent NL6-max Crusher Finishers

We had a few NL 6-max Crusher finishers in the last couple of months.

And in this article, I’ll tell the story of three of them.

They are: Lateralus, Danel and Bartosz



Bartosz, also know as “c0l0”, finished his €10k CFP contract in style, making €6k in less than 2 months.

His breakthrough in poker came when he moved from Poland to a poker house in Zagreb, Croatia, with some other CFP students.

He didn’t have much money in his pocket for making the move, but he knew it was something he had to do to be successful. 

No one can say it was a bad decision!

Bartosz attended the poker seminar in Malta last year, and it was a big inspiration for him.

In his own words: “Meeting so many successful people in such a short period of time was a great experience. And that experience made me believe I can be as good as they are (or even better).”

Bartosz in the poker seminar.


Now he is aiming to reach his first €10k month.

It is only a matter of time for him to achieve that!


Danel finished his €60k CFP contract a month ago.

It took him only one year and one month to do it!

He had a booming start when he joined the NL 6-max Crusher program. For personal reasons, the second part was a little slower, but still, very impressive!

When you’re strong mentally, you always learn when you face a problem.

With Danel it wasn’t any different, he even advised: “Clear out the things that hold you back and do the things that YOU want to do.”

Very good advice to live on!

Just like Bartosz, Danel also attended the poker seminar in Malta and got motivated by Gordon and the other smart people who talked there.

Danel listening to what Gordon has to say.

With that motivation and all the lessons he learned in the coaching program, he’ll continue crushing at the tables, no doubt on that!



Lateralus finished his €30k CFP contract a couple of weeks ago.

The most impressive part about it is that he completed 50% of his contract in less than 2 months!

Lateralus last 100k hands.

During his time on the coaching program, he didn’t only learn how to crush at the tables, but he also learned how to teach other students to crush.

He is the NL 6-max Micro coach and is constantly helping beginner students to move up in stakes.

Three things were key to his success:

  • Learning the winning poker strategy BPC provides.
  • See poker in a different way while coaching students. 
  • Winning mindset that he pick in the poker camp in Malta.

Lateralus asking a question in the poker seminar.

After learning all those things, his results will continue getting better and better!


That is just 3 success stories, there are lot more you can check HERE!

And, of course, there will be a lot more in the future!

Best Poker Coaching is working daily to improve even further our coaching programs.

So there is no doubt that here is the best place to take your poker game to the next level!


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