The Only Question You Should Ask a Poker Coach (before hiring him)


– 99% of coaches are not worth their money and have not earned the right to call themselves a coach –

Here is the magic question, and really the only one that matters. Everything else is not important and only a distraction. I assume that when you hire a coach, you’re not looking for a “nice guy to be your friend” or “theoretical expert”. You want to make more money and to be coached by somebody who can help you to achieve this goal. So here is the ONLY question you should ask your coach:

Have you ever turned a losing or mediocre poker player into a big winner?

– and if you did, can you provide transparent, publicly documented proof from day 1 on – ?

Ask this question and watch how 99% of coaches will start to nervously ramble some bullshit. Do NOT listen to their pathetic bullshit. If they cannot give you a quick Yes or No answer here, they are full of sh1t. Ask them and demand a CLEAR answer.

If they answer NO, they are at least honest. BUT WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU HIRE PEOPLE who ADMIT that they HAVE NO CLUE !!!!  ???

(The only acceptable answer is to say “No”, but to also say “I am actually doing this right now with a student, but we are not done yet. Check out his progress here (link of public blog of the student).”)

Anyways, the guy who says no without “being in the process” sounds like the girl on tinder who only posts a picture of her face. You ask her if she likes sports (code for, are you fat?) and she says that she weighs 300kg (600lbs) and looks like an elephant. 
You were looking for a hot girl, but you’ll tell her “ok, come over… i’m not into elephants, but you were at least honest”. So let’s “cook together tonight” (code for…well u know…).

Why would you do that unless this is your type of fetish ???

Why would you hire a coach who says he has no clue, unless your type of fetish is to waste money ???

You could ask the coach why they offer their services when the only people who need it (mediocre and losing players) will not profit from it…

Oh, and you will know that i’m right on the topic when the only thing people will critisize is my discriminatory language!


If they answer yes, then they are either a BPC Coach, Chuck Norris / Unicorn (some might exist!) or a lying scumbag

If they are a BPC coach or a Unicorn, then they will quickly send you links to the publicly and transparently updated blog where you can follow the progress (good and bad times!) of their (many) student(s) from day 1. They will also be able to provide a graph with 100k+ hand sample (or the equivalent) if you ask for it. Most of the time they have been a student themselves and know exactly what you will go through.

How to uncover the lying scumbag (most coaches and authors!):

=> Tell them you want specific proof like a publicly documented blog where the student regularly updated his progress (this is easily possible as BPC proves every single day)

=> Ask for graphs of at least 100k hands (or the equivalent in tournaments), so that it is clear that the student made real improvement

Here is what is going to happen 99,9% of the time:

* They come up with some excuse why they can’t do it (usually, you guessed it right…. bullsh1t)

* They say they are busy (lol, don’t believe it, they have time to write the whole marketing bs, they have time to talk to you. Anyways, if they are thaaat busy, maybe they should not be your coach…)

* In the best case, they are actually quite good players and beat the games, but they are still incapable of teaching to others


Now go ahead and ask some coaches in case you don’t believe what i say!


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