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You want to have time to think while you’re playing ZOOM.

That means having a solid preflop strategy is SUPER important so you can focus on improving the postflop game.

The good news is, it’s easy to get good at it. That’s why Zoom players can progress very fast.

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***You can adjust or add your own ranges into the tool.

To see how the ZOOM Preflop Automation Tool works, watch the video below.

These ranges were made by Panos “Asimos”.

Asimos is a NL 6-max professional player and coach, and the creator of BestPokercoaching’s ZOOM Bootcamp.

His main game is Pokerstars ZOOM NL100-NL200, one of the toughest games out there.

And he is crushing the games with an average 5bb/100 winrate, one of the best (if not the best) among the regs at those games.

He really enjoys talking about poker and interacting with other players who share the same passion for the game. He also became a video producer for Pokerstrategy, and a coach for BPC. He finds BPC to be a very organized and professional community, with high standards. Being a coach for it is a challenge and honor the same time.

Below you can see his recent 350k hands, played on NL100-200 ZOOM.

This ZOOM Preflop Automation Tool was created by Asimos in collaboration with our in-house developer team…

✓ Covers every preflop situation in Zoom games

✓ You can use it during play & gain a big edge over your opponents

✓ You can adjust or add your own ranges into the tool

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