The Ultimate 6-max Bootcamp Course

A step-by-step system for beating the 6-max microstakes

no matter what your current skill level is

This 6-max Bootcamp is also available in other languages:



If you don’t have a clear plan that covers every step of the way, you are improvizing. You are guessing. You are gambling. Don’t gamble and hope,  but know that you are following a proven plan.

Hand Ranges

Odds, bet sizes, combinations, ranges. Poker revolves around simple math. You do not have to be a math wizard, but if you understand the basics well, you will gain an extra edge over the competition.

Adapt and exploit

Start seeing patterns in how other people play. Adapt to their style and attack their weak points. Play your opponent, not just your cards.


As with anything in life, if you do not have the correct mindset, you will fail. No strategy will help if you are mentally unprepared to execute it consistently, over the long run. Without discipline, you will waste all the benefits of a winning strategy.

The Ultimate 6-max Bootcamp


This 6-max Bootcamp is also available in other languages:




  • You are not beating the microstakes (or would like to increase your winrate)
  • You are tired of playing the microstakes
  • You don’t want to lose deposits to poker rooms anymore
  • You are sick of being dominated, owned and pushed around by better regs
  • You need a clear action-plan that will protect you in any postflop situation
  • You want to learn the profitable moves that work, and turn poker into a source of income
  • You don’t have the time & energy for millions of different videos and random advice out there, and want a turn-key system that has been working for other 6-max players for years

This 6-max Bootcamp is also available in other languages:


  • It’s a fact… 

    Most poker players lose money at the tables over the long run.

    They lose their deposits to poker rooms, and they lose their stacks to more experienced and better poker players.

    They fall in love with this the beautiful game and want to play it profitably rather than losing deposits – but most fail.

    If you are one of them, you have 2 options:

    Continue to get frustrating results OR change something.

    The sooner you improve your 6-max game, the sooner you start winning more.

    Most people don’t realize this, but inaction is very expensive.

    Not improving as fast as you can is actually costing you money every day you play poker.

    Poker is a skill game and your long-term results are under your control.

    If you don’t improve – you will get the same result as you always have been getting.

    It’s actually a lot worse since your competition is improving – meaning everybody already started the race and is speeding away, while may still be standing in the same place.

    The gap is getting bigger and bigger, the longer you wait. 

    So one thing is certain – if you don’t want to stay a donk for life, the best time to start improving was yesterday. And the next best time is – now.

The Ultimate 6-max Bootcamp


This 6-max Bootcamp is also available in other languages:


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