Learn how to play ZOOM in 120 minutes


This course will get you the most benefit in the shortest time possible if you’re just starting out playing 6-max ZOOM, or currently losing at the tables.

About The Course Creator
Panos “Asimos”


Panos, known as “Asimos” in the poker community, is a 33-years old PhD researcher in Engineering.

He started playing poker about 5 years ago, mostly studying the game, watching many videos and reading all the major poker books.

Today, his main game is Pokerstars ZOOM NL100-NL200, considered among the toughest games out there.

And he is crushing the games with an average 5bb/100 winrate, one of the best (if not the best) among the regs at those games.

He really enjoys talking about poker and interacting with other players who share the same passion for the game. He also became a video producer for Pokerstrategy, and a coach for BPC. He finds BPC to be a very organized and professional community, with high standards. Being a coach for it is a challenge and honor the same time.

Below you can see his recent 180k hands, played on NL100-200 ZOOM.

In this course, you will LEARN…


  • All the important basics of playing 6-max ZOOM cash games online.
  • The goal of this course is to make you a profitable player as soon as possible!
  • After going through this entire course, you will not have to worry about losing money at the tables.
  • You will start making profits at the low stakes online tables

What Asimos’ ZOOM students say about his strategy materials and coaching


In this course, you will GET…


  • 16 course units with strategy videos
  • direct & practical style of teaching
  • unique ZOOM strategy that you will not find anywhere else. ZOOM is different from normal 6-max cash games. If you are trying to play it the same, you will find yourself in trouble.
  • preflop charts for 6-max ZOOM cash games
  • A simple-to-use, but powerful 6-max ZOOM HUD with stats

What we teach has already worked for our students


We’ve built & fostered the premier online community for poker players – a tightly knit group of passionate people who are all committed to one another’s success. The strategies we put in our courses are tested and proven to work at the tables. They work for our students, and will also work for you.

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