How To Crush Life After Poker

A 4-day workshop about crushing other areas besides poker

In the summer of 2016, the cream of the BPC coaches and students met in Malta, for a 4-day workshop at the Hilton 5* Hotel.

Now, the contents of the lectures are publicly available to the general community for the first time.

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How To Crush Life After Poker


✔ you want to crush other areas of life besides poker
✔ you are looking for no-bullshit methods of managing your money
✔ you need a long-term plan to not only get financially wealthy, but stay financially wealthy (super important!!)
✔ want to understand poker and life better
✔ want to understand how to adopt the correct attitude as a newbie to anything and learn 80% of what you need very quickly (the bpc “no-bullshit method”)
✔ want to know what two of the most successful bpc poker students have to teach you about success in poker and life, and how to get those €30k+ months at the tables


About The Author

Gordon is a former High Stakes Professional Poker Player, who destroyed his competition mainly playing HU on Euro sites back in the days. His biggest strength was his ability to figure out his opponents very quickly, find their weakness and destroy them mercilessly. Today he is the CEO and Founder of the world’s most transparent and successful coaching platform for poker players, BPC.

Gordon retired as a poker professional in 2010. Then he realized that having a lot of money is nice, but sleeping at the beach, traveling and getting laid can become boring (yes, it does!). So Gordon has set bigger goals for himself than ever before and decided to create big businesses. His passion is in education, so BPC is only the start!

He has not played poker professionally in 6 years. But not only do his students have phenomenal success and totally crush today’s games (check the reviews!), but they also see in live action that their coach might be “old”, but still very sharp and definitely ahead of his time.

It is rumored that possibly more than 50% of players today making more than 100k+ per year online have been private coaching clients of his. Some of them are famous BPC students & coaches and have come public, others wish to remain private.

Gordon had his graphs and results checked and officially verified by when he was coaching for them.

So after coaching and producing some of the most wanted videos, among them the record-breaking series “Champions stand up one more time than the rest” (translated into many languages), the work became so inspiring that Gordon decided to go big with creating BestPokerCoaching.

BONUS: Two lectures by two of our most successful students in our Coaching for profits program, explaining what made them successful, and how to keep improving

ATVARS, Former 6-max student


Jan, Former Heads-Up student



How To Crush Life After Poker

What we teach has already worked for our students


We’ve built & fostered the premier online community for poker players – a tightly knit group of passionate people who are all committed to one another’s success. The strategies we put in our courses are tested and proven to work at the tables. They work for our students, and will also work for you.