How To Crush Fish




Maximize value against the fish

If you don’t have a clear plan that covers every step of the way, you are improvizing. You are guessing. You are gambling. Don’t gamble and hope,  but know that you are following a proven plan.

Hand Ranges

Odds, bet sizes, combinations, ranges. Poker revolves around simple math. You do not have to be a math wizard, but if you understand the basics well, you will gain an extra edge over the competition.

Boost your to profits

How a correct strategy against the fish will give a HUGE boost your to profits.

How to bluff against the fish


Why a fish can make you tilt and how to avoid it.

Why a fish sometimes owns even better poker players.

How To Crush Fish


In this course, you will learn…


• How to maximize value against the fish

• How a correct strategy against the fish will give a HUGE boost your to profits

• Why a fish can make you tilt and how to avoid it

• How to bluff against the fish

• Why a fish sometimes owns even better poker players


  1. The Fish (13:12)
  2. Fish Species – Part 1 (22:19)
  3. Fish Species – Part 2 (21:08)


    1. Open Raising (21:08)
    2. IsoRaising – Part 1 (15:16)
    3. IsoRaising – Part 2 (25:10)
    4. Limping (21:35)
    5. Cold Calling – Part 1 (21:23)
    6. Cold Calling – Part 2 (31:29)
    7. Over Calling (21:15)
    8. 3-Betting (23:07)
    9. Iso 3-betting (21:53)
    10. Squeezing (31:17)
    11. Facing 3-bets (26:39)
    12. 4-Bet Pots (18:29)


  1. General (9:36)
  2. Facing Donkbets – Part 1 (24:40)
  3. Facing Donkbets – Part 2 (22:56)
  4. Facing Donkbets – Part 3 (27:00)
  5. Simple Betting (23:24)
  6. Value Betting (20:43)
  7. Facing Bets (16:29)
  8. Check-Raising (19:39)
  9. Facing a Check-Raise – Part 1 (8:37)
  10. Facing a Check-Raise – Part 2 (20:22)
  11. Facing a Check-Raise – Part 3 (19:24)
  12. Bluffing (19:38)
  13. 3-Bet Pots (19:46)


  • HansTheGreat Note-Taking System
  • Bonus: HUD and the HansTheGreat Scrap-Book

Save time & get straight to the point


Do you ever feel frustrated after ending your poker session?

Are you telling yourself that you are not winning because other players are getting “lucky”?

Are your improvising at the tables and playing without a clear plan?

What if you knew what our successful poker students know and use to regularly win at the tables? That would make playing poker a lot EASIER and more FUN, right?

Trust me, the answer is YES – poker is a great game, but it’s a lot more fun to play it when you are WINNING.

Don’t build your house on sand.

Use what we have learned in tens of thousands of hours at the tables, coaching our students and analyzing databases.

How To Crush Fish


What we teach has already worked for our students


We’ve built & fostered the premier online community for poker players – a tightly knit group of passionate people who are all committed to one another’s success. The strategies we put in our courses are tested and proven to work at the tables. They work for our students, and will also work for you.