Basic Cash Orientation


This course will get you the most benefit in the shortest time possible if you’re just starting out playing 6-max, or currently losing at the tables. It will be a very profitable use of time for you, and within weeks you will already be printing money at the low stakes online cash games.

Click on the video below to watch the introduction and overview of the course:

In this course, you will learn:

  • All the important basics of playing 6-max cash games online.
  • The goal of this course is to make you a profitable player as soon as possible!
  • After going through this entire course, you will not have to worry about losing money at the tables.
  • You will start making profits at the low stakes online tables


BONUS 1: Preflop Automation Tool for 6-max Cash Games (you will need excel to use it)

BONUS 2: Complete Poker Math & Learning Plan Spreadsheet (you will need excel to use it)

BONUS 3: 6-max HUD with stats and pop-ups (both PT4 and HM2 versions included)

About the Author of The Course

Adam “W34z3l” Jones is an online poker grinder and coach from the UK. Adam has worked with 500+ private coaching students – guys from the micro-stakes right up until mid-stakes games. He has helped break-even mid-stakes guys become 6bb/100 winners and helped losing micro-stakes players move up several limits.

Starting at the lowest limits online with a no-deposit 5 euro bonus Adam began to work his way up the limits. Since then, he has been beating some of the toughest games online and became one of the most popular coaches across a variety of sites.

He created this crash-course based on his enormous experience, with the goal to turn any beginner into a profitable 6-max player as soon as possible. His solid background in both exploitative and GTO principles, understanding of poker math and theoretical knowledge in general will help you leave the micros behind you.

Get the W34z3l’s NL 6-Max Course now and leave nothing to chance. Your bankroll will thank you.

Below, you can see Adam’s most recent 100k hands played on NL200-NL400.

What Adam’s students and poker players say about him…

“Adam is unique in that not only is he a 600nl crusher but he’s also in touch with the micro-stakes games from his first hand experience playing them and coaching them too. The benefits of this became very apparent when I got coaching from weasel. Not only is he a database expert and therefore able to tell you exactly what areas you need to improve on but he is also able to tell you optimal strategy for the players in the micro’s, which other top coaches can’t due to their lack of experience in this field. I would therefore recommend Adam to players of all stakes and I would suggest he is the nut coach when it comes to the micro’s in my opinion.”


“His videos and articles turned me from a slightly winning player at 5NL into a 10bb/100 crusher at 10NL Pokerstars. Will move up soon. Weasel for President!!”


“I really love w34z3l’s videos. He explains great concepts which always make my game become better. His way of explainins is really clear and definitely the guy knows what he’ talking about.”


“Not many content creators out there who I could honestly say help me improve my game with almost every article/video they put out.”


“A brilliant analytical mind who makes learning easy!”


“His knowledge of the game as well as his ability to communicate them in an intelligible manner make him an indespensible resource for improving your game.”


“Some of the best videos I’ve seen he gose in to great detail in the what he is showing after watching them it was easy to see where I was going wrong: keep up the good work.”


Basic Cash Orientation


What we teach has already worked for our students


We’ve built & fostered the premier online community for poker players – a tightly knit group of passionate people who are all committed to one another’s success. The strategies we put in our courses are tested and proven to work at the tables. They work for our students, and will also work for you.

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