Gordon’s Advanced 6-max Masterclass

Step-by-step blueprint for 6-max small & midstakes

Founder and Head Coach at BPC presents his 6-max masterclass


They say if you want to succeed at something, find somebody successful in that field, and copy exactly what they do.

My name is Gordon, a former High Stakes Professional Poker Player, who destroyed his competition mainly playing 6-max and HU on Euro sites back in the days. My biggest strength was the ability to figure out opponents very quickly, find their weakness and destroy them mercilessly.

Today I am the founder and CEO of the world’s most transparent and successful coaching platform for poker players, BestPokerCoaching.com. I am trying to bring transparency into the poker education industry by showing the results our students get from day 1.

Results like this…

This is a monthly graph of one of my more successful 6-max students, Atvars.

When he came to me for coaching, he was a slight winner at NL100. When he left, he was a mid-highstakes crusher.

The graph you see above is actually around 1 year old. Today, he doesn’t share his results as publicly anymore. Once you get to a certain level, its wiser to stop posting your graphs…

Hopefully you will be there one day, and understand exactly whan I mean.

Originally, I made this course for my Coaching for profits students.

I perfected it over the months and years, and today, it’s available for the first time to the members of BPC community.

It would be an overstatement to say that by getting this course you will get to the level my CFP 6-max students got.

Of course I cannot guarantee that you too will win $10k, $20k or $50k per month as some of my best students are making – that depends on you. The more effort you invest into poker, the better results you will get. That’s how poker (and life) works.

I can show you the way, but it’s up to you to take the next step.

What I will say, is that being successful in poker today is down to you, the player.

With all the resources available out there, the choice is overwhelming. And so is the amount of material you’re expected to cover and study.

My passion is in education, and my bigest strength as a poker educator is cutting through the bullshit that most people have been infected by.

I focus on practical solutions, easy to learn and implement at the tables.

They might not win you any forum GTO debates, but they will win you money. A lot of money, if you put the time and really study my course.

Table of contents


My Advanced 6-max Masterclass consists of 4 sections: Preflop, Flop, Turn and River.

Each section has several chapters/units

And each unit has a short theoretical explanation, followed by a few (usually 3) video lessons with practical examples, using a hand replayer.

The videos are usually me going over the hands submitted by a student, for each specific topic. Topic by topic, step by step.

I picked the best of the videos I got over the years for this course, the ones which illustrate the concepts the most clearly – and the ones which also show the typical mistakes most players make.

In total, my 6-max Masterclass has 31 chapters, 53 video lessons, and with 20-30 minute videos, that is well over 25 hours of study material for you to digest.

How each unit looks like:

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