PLO QuickPro Out Of Position Mastery


WSOP Champion & PLO QuickPro Lead Instructor John Beauprez Will Show You The Golden Rules of PLO

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What you will learn

The Fastest Way To Lose Money In Poker… And How To Prevent It

Especially at the low to midstakes. Avoiding this one line will improve your win rate & increase your NSDW dramatically. Learn this and you’re on your way up…

How To Fight Back Against Aggressive Players OOP

Poker in 2020 will be more aggressive than ever. If you can’t learn how to beat aggro players, then you will never move up. We’ll show you how here…

How To Improve Your Non-Showdown Winnings

There’s nothing more hopeless than seeing a downward sloping redline without knowing how to reverse it. We’ll show you how to take control of your NSDW…

PLO Quick Pro

Out Of Position Mastery

OOP Mastery is the ONLY curriculum that focuses entirely on increasing non-showdown winnings, fighting back against aggressive players (even without a hand), and playing profitably OOP.

Created by 2015 $5K PLO SCOOP Champion alien slayer, and 2013 WSOP Champion KasinoKrime, this course includes 5 custom modules with more than 65 pages of PDF’s and 15 hours of theory discussion and in depth hand history review using PokerJuice.

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What you will get

  • 15+ Hours Of In Depth PLO Theory And Hand History Review using PokerJuice
  • 42 videos in 7 modules.
  • The Board Texture Bible PDF.
  • The Check-raising Manual PDF
  • BONUS Two Hour Live Play Video From $5k PLO SCOOP Champion And Legendary Pokerstars Mid-Stakes Grinder alien slayer
  • BONUS Donk betting videos

About the course creator

John Beauprez

AKA KasinoKrime is a WSOP Champ, a PLO Cash Game Pro and the creator of many PLO courses. He was featured by many of the big names in the industry, some of which you can see below.

All Of These Grinders Can't Be Wrong 😉

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