Player Of The Month: Maestro!

BPC Player of the month is without a doubt Tomas “Maestro”.

Maestro comfortably won the CFP monthly rankings in December and pushed for his record month of 11k.

After some struggles and a low score in November, which was one of the lowest months in his CFP project, December was his break-through month into the $10k+ club. 

Here are Maestro’s graphs for December:

He did not forget to give thanks to people that helped him on his way:

Today I just want to thanks everybody who read my blog(even if you watch it only because of chicks), to my coaches who teach me the important stuff and push me when results weren’t very good, also to my students because you learn most by teaching others.

Special thanks go for Gordon for accepting me into CFP and gave me the opportunity to start making some real money. Oskar who was my first coach and also because of him I had the breaking month in August when we make 300 hours challenge. SO I spent the hottest month in 150 years only infront of my computer. ? And Mindnctrl who pushed me through when I was doubting about myself because of my results.


You can read more about Maestro on his blog, and in particular about his goals for this year –  like hitting 40k in a month at the tables (gogogogooo!), investing 100k,  and, of course, have a threesome, while learning Spanish on the way…

It won’t be a boring year for him, that’s for sure, so be sure to check out and follow his rise to the top on his blog.

His next mission is, of course, the HU CFP record set by Goodfake with 14.5k a couple of months ago, and since Tomas is aiming high, that will probably happen soon.

Not bad for a somebody who was a broke NL20 player a bit over a year ago, and joined the  coaching for profits program in February!


Congratz to Maestro, CFP player of the month for December 2015!

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