Piotr “Goodfake” Crushes out of the CFP 60k in Style!

Today the current CFP HU record month holder finished the CFP 60k program and wrapped up an epic run he began after our Dubrovnik seminar. Piotr “Goodfake” joined the HU CFP in December 2014, and persisted through not-so-great of a starter run, only to become a superstar in the HU program, and setting a record month of 14352 EUR winnings in October.

His record will be hard to beat for the guys coming after him, though no doubt many in the CFP have other ideas already. 

Piotr’s is a true story of perseverance, and an “aha” moment, so typical in many students’ development. Remarkably, after 8 months in the program, at the start of August, he was on 20k winnings – around 2.5-3k per month. For those of you, who do not know it, or were not yet a part of the BPC community at that point – BPC held a poker seminar in Dubrovnik at the end of July, and Piotr is arguably the guy who took the most out of it (next to Steezy of course).

After the seminar, he moved to Slovenia – apparently a natural breeding ground for BPC’s success-stories – since the Rovar days, and all the way through to Jan “Somebody”, who finished last month, just ahead of Goodfake. (And let’s not forget Steezy’s epic 30k August immediately after moving to Slovenia.)

And, then came the turnaround. Piotr, averaging under 3k monthly for almost 8 months, suddenly hit 11k in his first post-Dubrovnik month. And then repeated the feat the month after, and then did even better in the third month – hitting the infamous 14.5k. Put otherwise, from December to August, he completed 20k of the 60k contract – and in the next 3 months accumulated 40k in profits to finish the contract in style!

We would, of course, all like to know what they were feeding him in Maribor (his new Slovenian home) – we hear it was a diet of fish, regs, BPC coachings and Slovenian girls. 

Anyway, another member finishes CFP, which means – the glove is thrown to all the rest! If you need more motivation, you can read his real-life success story on his blog, from day one when it began.

Congratz to Piotr for a great achievement, he will be a force at the tables in the years to come, unless he decides to crush some other field in the future. Good luck in the future, man, hope we will meet at the next BPC meeting – after all, you have to come for the award ceremony!


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