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PartyPoker.com review

Why play at PartyPoker.com

PartyPoker.com is one of the most popular poker sites since its launch in 2001. Most poker players in the world know about this site and have visited at least once.

Get $22 in tickets at PartyPoker.com

15% Extra Value in BPC Reward Points

$22 welcome bonus

15% Extra Value in BPC Reward Points

Up to 40% cashback every week

Weekly $1.000 freerols

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On top of the welcome bonus, you earn 15% Extra Value in BPC Reward Points you collect at PartyPoker.com It’s simple:

Download software

Download the free PartyPoker.com software and create an account.

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Improve your skills

15% Extra Value in BPC Reward Points with our poker courses and start dominating the tables.

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  • Reliable and easy to use software

  • Missions and Achievement system

  • Soft games


  • Most of the traffic is in European peak-times

PartyPoker.com was the biggest online poker room before closing the doors for the US market. It was one of the first markets to return there.

The poker software is fast and easy to use. Multible is easy and confortable with the Hot Hand feature that notifies you when you get a hand that fits a certain customizable category.

The main focus of the site is the recreational players and the reward system with achievements and many promotions gives low volume players the chance to win big prizes.

PartyPoker.com promotions and freerolls

PartyPoker.com offers a broad range of poker promotions for all types of players.

Always keep up to date with the latest PartyPoker.com promotions on our poker forums.

Room features

Supported languages

  • 3 BPC Points per $1 rake

  • Fast forward poker

  • Quick seating

  • Hot Hand alert

  • Mission and achievements

  • Preferred seating


and more..

Deposit & withdrawal options

Visa MasterCard Skrill Neteller  Ukash

Support & Help

Customer Support e-mail:


Ready to start playing?

What is rake?

Rake is the commission fee taken by the online poker room operating a poker game.

It is generally 3.5 to 6 percent of the pot in each poker hand that is played for real money. If the hand doesn’t go to the flop, the poker room doesn’t take any rake.

The poker room charges rake to the players in order to cover the various costs of operation such as support, software and personnel, and to generate profits.

What are BPC Reward Points?

Now that you know, what rake is, we can explain you what BPC Reward Points are, and how they work.

When you sign-up to play at any poker room via our website, you will collect BPC Reward Points each time you play.

The exact number of BPC Reward Points that you will get for playing, depends on each room.

You will be able to see how many BPC Reward Pointsyou have in your account on our website.

You can use the BPC Reward Points to improve your game. When you collect enough points, you can use them to purchase any course, bootcamp, academy or even join our coaching programs.

The more you play, the more you will improve, and the more options to get training you will have.

How many BPC Reward Points do I get for playing poker on PartyPoker?

Our aim at BestPokerCoaching is to support you, the poker player, by rewarding your play with access to our courses, bootcamps, and coaching for all of the most popular games: 6-max, ZOOM games, MTT, Spin & Go and Heads-Up.

The more you play, the more poker education you will receive from us, and the better player you will become. Our goal is to complement your play by making sure you are not losing money, but building a healthy bankroll and moving up the stakes, limit by limit.

As you already know, each poker room charges you rake for the service they provide to you – to make it possible for you to play. When you register an account with PartyPoker through our website, we will compensate 15% of this cost for you.

A simple example: if you have paid €1000 in rake, you will get access to €150 worth of poker courses, bootcamps and coachings of your choice. It’s the best way to squeeze out extra value for your time at the tables – no matter if you win or lose!

You can redeem your BPC points at any time, no matter how many points you have. And there is no limit to how many points and extra value you can receive.

Not only do we make it easier for you to maintain your bankroll while improving your game… We are unique in the poker arena in the sense that our students and customers get extraordinary results with out systems (publicly proven), so the real value of getting your poker education from us is frankly at least 100x whatever the actual rewards are.

For any questions regarding your bonus or BPC points for PartyPoker poker room, post in our PartyPoker forum thread here.

Which countries are NOT allowed on this poker room?

If you are from one of the following countries, you CAN’T open an account on this poker room:

Aland Islands, Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egipt, France, Gibraltar, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jersey, Kenya, Macau, Moldova, Monaca, Nigeria, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania,  San Marino, Senegal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vietnam and Yemen.

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