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BPC is international: Rutger from the Netherlands

Meet “justplayff” aka Rutger, he is a member of our 6-max Crusher team. Rutger decided for poker instead of a 9-5 job. Smart move!   When and why did you start playing poker? I started playing poker about 2 years ago. Just having some fun and didn’t take it really seriously. I was grinding the NL2

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Rutger is done! He finished our Poker Coaching Program!

Rutger – he is also known as “justplayff” in our poker community – finished his €30k poker coaching program as part of our 6-max Crusher team with his session a few days ago!  We already an interview with him some time ago. But we wanted to know more, how he finished the program and which advice he

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CASE STUDY: ilidek Rockets to Program Completion

“llidek” has done what many BPC students dream of – reaching the six-figure club. This player from Poland earned €100,000 in profits in two years, three months, and 25 days as a student – quite an impressive accomplishment. He has now completed the NLHU Soldier Coaching program and looking to share his knowledge with others. How did

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The Italian Job: From Micro to Pro

Doing It His Way Alessandro, “randomwalkin” Riente, ex-pat Italian in London and Heads Up Soldier alumni, finished his Coaching for Profits contract in mid-2018 after riding out the variance for two years, six months and ten days of studying with Best Poker Coaching. In that time he took himself from being a student with a

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Maestro finished our poker coaching program 60k!

“Maestro” aka Tomas finished his €60k poker coaching program as part of our HU soldier team with his session yesterday!   You can check his blog HERE. And his first youtube video:   Check his overall graph since he joined our team: In December he had a monster month, winning over €11k (both graphs below are from

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BPC is International: Danel from Estonia

A few days ago I introduced Michael from Canada, who is running away with the rankings this month. Today, it’s time to meet Danel from Estonia, who is on the up in the 6-max Crusher program. Danel joined CFP in December, after 2 years of averaging around 1.5k per month, and getting tired of slow

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Why a Full-Time Job Can’t Keep A Player Down

Poker and Bust It’s never too late for an old (or indeed youngish) dog to learn to turn new tricks. We often think of the modern poker pro as rising out of the student population. Hoodied, beheadphoned, and drilled to within an inch of their life in GTO range v. range push-fold. After all, if

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CASE STUDY: Jan ‘Somebody’ – 9-Month Master

Jan “Somebody” Lakota is a graduate of the NLHU Soldier Coaching program with a proven track record of success. With a graph that rocketed up even from the beginning, this poker shark earned €60,000 in profits in only nine months and eight days as a student. His tale serves as an example to what other

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BPC is international: Meet Rafał from Poland

Most people decide to start playing 6max, when they get involved with poker, so did Rafał aka “claher”. Nonetheless, he joined our HU program and is doing pretty well.   When and why did you start playing poker? I started playing Texas Holdem Poker in high-school, around 6 years ago.  My classmates played during the breaks and

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Recent NL6-max Crusher Finishers

We had a few NL 6-max Crusher finishers in the last couple of months. And in this article, I’ll tell the story of three of them. They are: Lateralus, Danel and Bartosz   BARTOSZ Bartosz, also know as “c0l0”, finished his €10k CFP contract in style, making €6k in less than 2 months. His breakthrough in poker

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Meet Hans, he started in our poker coaching program on NL2

That’s not his real name, but he is known as “HansTheGreat” in the online poker community.  He started playing 6-max on NL2. And only 9 months later he was finished with the $100k coaching program. Hans was a 24-year-old IT student when he joined our coaching program. He liked poker, and like many guys out there,

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First 5k Finisher in Coaching for Profits Brazil

We have the first student finishing the €5k Coaching for Profits Brazil program! Congratulations Anselmo! I’m really happy to see you made it! As usual, we interviewed him to see how was his experience in Best Poker Coaching: (You can read the interview in Portuguese here)   What is the biggest difference from before joining CFP

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