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Alessandro finishes the €60K Heads Up Soldier Program

It’s been a big few months for Alessandro (aka randomwalkin). Finishing any BPC program takes time, dedication, patience, and plenty of hours in training and practice. Alessandro, who divides his time between the United Kingdom and his home country of Italy, plays at stakes up to NL1,000 and he has put in plenty of hours

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€60k CFP Finisher, “hucol”, is back to BPC as a coach!

Darwin “hucol” finished his €60k Coaching for Profits contract last year. Towards the end of his contract, he gave free coaching to new students to give back to the community that helped him achieve great results. Now he’ll be able to give even more back by coaching the students in the NLHU Soldier program! We

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On a Roll: Jernej Graduates Program and Has Big Plans for Future

Some things don’t come easy. Good things come in time. But with enough perseverance, persistence, and hard work major achievements can happen. That’s the case with 36-year-old “Jernej,” who recently finished the NL Heads-Up Soldier program with a target of €60,000. It was much-deserved after so much effort. “It took me quite a long time,

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Alloin finishes CFP 60k!

Junuss “Alloin” from Latvia finished the 60k HU CFP with yesterday’s session! You can see a steady graph of progression towards the 60k (well, some rakeback and un-tracked hands missing from the graph) after a slow start.  For comparison, during his first full month in the CFP last February, he made 524 EUR. Fast-forward one year

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Rutger is done! He finished our Poker Coaching Program!

Rutger – he is also known as “justplayff” in our poker community – finished his €30k poker coaching program as part of our 6-max Crusher team with his session a few days ago!  We already an interview with him some time ago. But we wanted to know more, how he finished the program and which advice he

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The life of a poker player: From Micro to Crusher

Many of our players start with us in our 6-max Micro program and they are grinding the micro stakes and drill our standard lines and eventually start beating not just NL2 and NL5 but at the end even NL10. Then they are moving on to the next level, our 6-max Crusher team. We already have met Marcus

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HansTheGreat graph compilation

If you’ve been around Best Poker Coaching for a while, you have probably read about HansTheGreat’s story. If you’re new and haven’t read about it yet, I’ll write a short version for you. Before starting the challenge that would change his life, HansTheGreat was playing poker based on some courses he got from Best Poker Coaching. 

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BPC is International: Primož from Slovenia

This time I had a quick talk with Primož, our student in the PLO 6-max Baller Program. Primož comes from one of the biggest countries in Europe – Slovenia. Well, it’s not really one of the biggest, but looking at the BPC members, one could be excused for thinking so. 🙂 For some reason, Slovenes dominate

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BPC is international: Evgeniy from Russia

Evgeniy from Sergiev Posad (Moscow region) always wanted to make a living without having to go to the office. And he already reached the halfway margin, here he is: When and why did you start with poker? I started in Summer of 2010. I always wanted to make a living without having to go to the office. I

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ZOOM Student From Slovakia

Today we catch up with one more ZOOM student that is doing well in the Coaching for Profits program. Jan started the program just a few months ago in NL10, and is already playing NL25. Here is the interview with him:   How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide

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Piotr “Goodfake” Crushes out of the CFP 60k in Style!

Today the current CFP HU record month holder finished the CFP 60k program and wrapped up an epic run he began after our Dubrovnik seminar. Piotr “Goodfake” joined the HU CFP in December 2014, and persisted through not-so-great of a starter run, only to become a superstar in the HU program, and setting a record month

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BPC is International: Andrey from Russia

It’s time to meet “Knelse”, currently on his best month inside CFP. with close to 7k EUR winnings in January so far (and counting!). Andrey “Knelse” comes from Moscow, Russia. He doesn’t like it that much, though… So he is moving to Copacabana! Well, to Brazil, anyway. Having moved from Slovenia to Malta myself during

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