OtB_Redbaron, #1 NL 6max player in the World

Red Baron is considered to be the best online NL Hold’em player in the world.

The good thing about being this successful playing poker online is that you can choose to remain anonymous, which is exactly what he did.

All we know about OtB_Redbaron is that he is from Belgium and now lives in the United Kingdom.

And well, we also know he made some money playing poker! 🙂

(It is rumored that Red Baron is Jonas Mols, but it is not confirmed yet) 

OtB_Redbaron’s graph in HighstakesDB (no hands below NL5k)

He became known in 2012 when he announced a poker marathon of 100k hands in 20 days playing NL500 zoom (it is also known he started playing NL25 6max in 2010). His goal in the marathon was to achieve 6 EV bb/100.

This is what he got in the end:

He won $33k after playing 100k hands, but didn’t make it in 20 days (made it in 40) and “only” got 3.9 EV bb/100. I guess that is not important when you’re beating the toughest game of online poker! 

After his first marathon, he started a new one and this time he got the results he wanted, winning 7 EV bb/100 after 125k hands.

His forum activities decrease after the second marathon and Red Baron wasn’t sharing his results as much as before. The last graph he shared was the last 400k hands he played in NL500 zoom.

There is a reason for stopping, he started playing high stakes!


His results are not only tied to cash games, where he reportedly won 4-5 millions without even counting high stakes.

He has also won two WCOOP titles playing the super high roller heads-up tournament, winning $229.600.


The story of OtB_Redbaron is remarkable because he got to the top of the poker world by himself. Every day he was playing, reading and analyzing his game. After several years playing he got where he is right now.

That comes to show that you can get anywhere you want if you work hard enough!

Just like our students do every day in our coaching programs. Good poker education mixed with hard work always leads to success!



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