One More Brazilian ZOOM Student Improving

A couple of weeks ago we met Luciano, a Brazilian guy doing very well in the Coaching for Profits ZOOM program.

Today we catch up with one more Brazilian crushing the ZOOM tables with Asimos’ help.

Here is the interview with Marcel Baretta:


How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing?

I love games (videos games, sports, board games) all types because I’m a very competitive person.

I started playing poker on Facebook to learn. After that, I found a club in my city with live tournaments (freerolls) and a few months later started to play with real money online.

The first games I  played was $0,25 45 players SNG.

After some time I became a cash game dealer and worked in that area for 3 years.

With this job, I completely fall in love with this game format and started playing live and online cash games. And I’ve been playing for 4 years now.


Where do you live and how is it to live there and what do you like a lot about it?

I’m from Cascavel, it is a very nice, calm and peaceful place to live. It is not a crazy place like the big cities since it only has 350k people.

When did you join our team at BPC? And why did you choose to play ZOOM?

I joined in September 2016 in the NL 6-max Brazil course and then decided to switch to zoom because I have some focus problems playing a lot of tables and with 4 tables zoom I can get the same volume as playing 12 regular tables with a lot of more concentration


How is the ZOOM program? How you like the material and the coaching sessions?

It is a great step by step program like all other BPC courses. The material is very complete and most of our questions get answered by Asimos, and he shows us the lines and adaptation.


In which stake did you start, and in what stake you’re playing now?

In the Zoom course, I started playing NL10 and now I’m playing NL25 for 2 months.  

ZOOM is not an easy game to beat, yet you’re beating it! What does it take to succeed at this game? 

You just need to follow the lines and adaptations and play your A-game most of the time!

You also need to post all hands you had trouble with and answer/check all the other students’ hands and you will evolve a lot faster! 


What gives you motivation to get back to the tables every day?

I just love the game and the competition, I want to become a better and better player to have a good living playing poker, and travel around the world doing it!


If you could give 1 advice to your other players, what would that be?

Focus and play your A+ game! And when you’re playing, do it like your life depends on it!


Thank you very much for your time, Marcel! Keep crushing at the tables!

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