Nubson finishes the CFP with a personal record day of 4k+ EUR!

Maciej “Nubson” finished the HU 60k CFP program today after an epic 15-hour session that ended up with over €4k in profits. This session will count as the 2nd best HU daily session in the CFP HU history, beaten only by Rylan’s unforgettable €8k back in March.

Check his first blog post below:

Read his blog HERE.

And his introduction video on his youtube channel:


Nubson started the CFP strong, winning the first monthly rankings, and finished strong, and is most likely going to win the last one as well. 

He is indeed no stranger to taking down the monthly rankings, as he won them 3 times during his CFP program already, more than any other CFP student so far.

Adding to that another victory would certainly set the mark high for any hopeful contenders in the future. It took him a bit over a year to finish the 60k program, overcoming a brutal 7k-under-EV run a couple of months ago, which would break many guys, but did nothing less than inspire him to another 10k month right after it ended. 

After that roller-coaster, a beer is certainly in order…

On top of that, he started coaching other BPC students back in February and has helped many students on their own way to the finish line.

After Goodfake, he is another member whose life was marked by the BPC’s Dubrovnik seminar this summer – he proposed to the love of his life during the seminar and got engaged on the Croatian beaches.

Finishing the CFP and becoming the master of all of his profits from now on, is certainly a nice wedding present to himself, and Mrs. Nubsonova certainly won’t be short on shoes this winter… 😉

As the month is still not over, and he is at €10k winnings, Goodfake has his HU record month and his place in the CFP Hall of Fame in danger by Nubson. The race is on, stay tuned to see who will come up on top!

Congrats to Maciej, well done and good luck in the future! See you at the next award ceremony! 😉



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  1. Congratz Maciej! Enjoy another well earned beer 😉 Seems your life is going from strength to strength. Needed this inspiration today so thanks for that too! What was the best part of your last year? Finishing the program, topping the monthly’s more times than anyone else or getting engaged? Silly question really, obviously it was topping the monthly’s 😛

  2. Nothing to add, huge respect and well done, especially with 2 horrrrrible months that you had. Many people would have tried to quit, but you did not quit… ur a winner!

    Now make sure u stay one!

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