Nubson after finishing CFP

Maciej “Nubson” joined a Coaching for Profits program in August 2014.

He used to be NL 6max small stakes player but ended up deciding to join the NLHU Soldier program.

And it was a really good choice. He didn’t take to much time to start winning a lot of money at the tables.

In fact, he is no stranger to big wins, when he was an NLHU Soldier student, he won the monthly rankings three times!

These three winnings helped him finish his €60k CFP contract in a little over a year.

Nubson’s finisher graph.

His history inside Best Poker Coaching didn’t stop there.

After learning very well all his poker lessons, he started coaching the NLHU students and help them reach their goals.

And to this day, he still a coach in the NLHU Soldier program.

Besides coaching, Nubson is still playing, moving up in stakes and improving his game nowadays.

After getting a lot of €10.000+ months in the program and after finishing it, now he wants to hit a €20.000 month. 

€10.000+ month.

And he was really close to getting it, but only his EV line got there, the line that really matters was behind the €20k mark.

Close to €20.000 month.

Nubson has a new challenge in front of him now, he recently joined the NL 6-max Crusher program.

I have no doubt he is going to be very successful there as well.

Maciej is a CFP finisher, so he already has the winning mentality needed to succeed at the tables.

So it is only a matter of time for him to start winning the monthly rankings again, this time as a 6-max student!


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