No Bullshit 6-max Principles

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

* You will get videos that go over the same concepts explained in the NOBS book

* You will get a few select practical videos that show the specific application of the NOBS strategy

* You will see practical examples that show where an exception to the rule can be made

Yes, it includes preflop / postflop charts and a simple hud for Hand2Note. The HUD will be not the most important part. You can easily build a simple HUD on the software of your choice in less than 5 minutes. We focus on learning good strategy first

The course is addressed for NL2 / NL5. The goal is not to make millions with this course. The goal is to make you a winning player first. It is the first step on the road of making hundreds, thousands and hopefully millions. Or if nothing else, become a better player.

(Free Sample Video) How the real money in poker is made

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In these 30 minutes, Jake can provide you with excellent advice to take your game to the next level. 

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