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10 Videos from Gordon that teach you the fundemental principles of poker

The No-Bullshit 6-Max Strategy Ebook

Preflop charts that cover 99% of situations you encounter at micro stakes

Easy to follow postflop rules that make you crush without even thinking about the hand

12 Additional webinar recordings that go deeper into specific scenarios with hand analysis done by Gordon himself

The Online Poker World Of 2021 Is Tough!

Games get harder, poker rooms increase rake, and it seems that every player now knows what a continuation bet is.

The golden days of poker are over now.

If you don’t stay ahead of the competition and find new ways to beat the system you will be having a very hard time playing.

Alan Jackson
(world-renowned poker database expert)

Every range, line and sizing in the NOBS guide is based on an extensive database analysis of recently played hands by members in our coaching program.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of winning!

The NOBS strategy is an exceptionally effective strategy that is relatively easy to memorize and execute.
We teach the same lines to our private VIP students where we only get paid if they win.
And we need to teach them strategies that work, so we can make money.

At the end of every month, our students send their played hands to us for analysis and we double-check the databases to make sure the lines are profitable.

No More Random Youtube VIdeos!
no-bullshit 6-max poker Principles

Thousands Of Players Who Used This System Can't Be Wrong

Erik Heckard
Erik Heckard
Philadelphia, PA
Read More
Comprehensive, step-by-step method for learning the game. tons of access learning materials and coaches. Supportive community of students. Gonna let me quit my job.
Alessio Preti
Alessio Preti
Invorio, Italy
Read More
I think their program could turn any losing player into a winner. 100% sure of that, you only need to follow what they teach, it's simple. I found an amazing community, everybody is here to help you if you have some problems, either technical or personal stuff.
That's why I recommend BestPokerCoaching to all people which want to change their approach and game in poker!
Aaron B.
Aaron B.
Magdeburg, Germany
Read More
I am 100% glad i got this. My game has improved and my mindset has improved.
John R.
John R.
Plymouth, UK
Read More
For me it was for sure the best decision I made and the results speak for themselves. The course is giving you a good base, discipline and a lot other things to start your career as a poker player.
Pavel Krasilnikov
Pavel Krasilnikov
Moscow, Russia
Read More
The turning point for every break-even online poker player!
Olavo Sousa
Olavo Sousa
Lisboa, Portugal
Read More
Truly the Best Poker Coaching in the world 😀
Erik T.
Erik T.
Saarbrücken, Germany
Read More
After working with BPC, I know in which areas I need to focus on to make a good living out of poker.
Igor C.
Igor C.
Jacksonville, FL
Read More
Excellent program, would recommend to everyone. Extra friendly people, big support group.
Kaspar Uus
Kaspar Uus
Keila, Estonia
Read More
I think BPC is the best place to learn poker, I am in CFP program and its great, a lot of poker maerial, best poker teachers, very happy with it.
Marcus J.
Marcus J.
Luton, UK
Read More
Challenged my entire gameplan and made me actually play poker as its supposed to be played. I started as a NL2 player and grinded my way up to NL100.
Damian P.
Damian P.
Chicago, IL
Read More
Joining BPC basically made me go from being a loser on NL2 to currently being a 4bb/100 winner on NL25. It teaches discipline and work ethic.
This community is probably the best in the world. It really makes no sense to pursue poker without the help of a professional coaching team such as BPC's.
Alex L.
Alex L.
Hamm, Germany
Read More
Gordon, Alan and the other coaches are the REAL DEAL!
If you have the heard , mind and discipline you will succeed and make a lot of $$.
Doug B.
Doug B.
Lincoln, NE
Read More
I chose BPC because the free materials provided by them appeared to be of highest quality. If you're willing to put the necessary effort, you will receive all tools that you need to really crush the game.
Nikola  Andric
Nikola Andric
Neuss, Germany
Read More
BPC ARE THE GREATEST THING! BEST thing that happened to me! I am on 6 max course and I couldn't beat NL2 myself, but now I reached NL10 and have greate success on it! Thanks to BPC!
Gubio S.
Gubio S.
Natal, Brazil
Read More
To be honest, this program is much more than I expected! I am still getting used to the system and all procedures, but I have just started and the results are totally satisfying.
Mihail O.
Mihail O.
Augsburg, Germany
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Signing for BPC was a really good decision for me personally. I learn a lot of new things, and I achieved things I could achieve on my own but it would take a lot lot longer. There are no shortcuts in poker or life, but BPC find their way!
Yordi S
Yordi S
Tulsa, OK
Read More
As other members already said in the previous posts, this is not a scam and thinking it might be is just funny.
I was unsure whether to join or not, but took the right decision for myself. The course is very well organized and there is so much material that no one needs 1on1 coaching at this point.
Elias Holloway
Elias Holloway
Wien, Austria
Read More
joined right when I got 18 this year in August. First month went badly but I managed to still profit all in all! I am really satisfied so far and can recommend it to anyone who is willing to push it as far as possible!
You know the 10000 hours rule? With BPC you can call it the 1000 hours rule, and achieve the same! 🙂

Phone, Tablet, Laptop or a big screen TV it doesn't matter. Our pages and courses will adjust automatically and you can play the videos on any device



No Bullshit 6-max Poker Ebook

Just by using the strategy from this ebook alone will get you beating the micro stakes in 100k hands or less.

Coupled with the concepts and strategies you learn in the course, it's the ultimate weapon for crushing the micros.

€47 value

Printable Preflop Chart

This preflop chart has been used by over 100,000 players to fix their preflop game. It covers 99% of preflop situations in a one-page, easy-to-follow chart.

You can use it as a wallpaper for your desktop or simply print it out to quickly glance at it during the game.

€9 value

Easy To Follow Postflop Diagram

Never before disclosed diagram in PDF format that you can print out and have the complete NoBS system readily available.

Not only will you be able to make super-fast perfect decisions, but you will also learn the strategy faster.

€19 value

12 Recordings Taken Directly From NOBS 6-max Bootcamp

This bonus includes videos where Gordon explains the students' practical hands and the exceptions and adaptations that can be made to the NOBS Strategy depending on your opponent.

Some of the topics discussed:
- How To Play AK
- How to play small pocket pairs 22-55
- How to play weak overpairs (and more...)

€199 value

Get them ALL today for just €49
(for a limited time)

Our 100% No-Bullshit Guarantees

This Will Make You Money Guarantee

We field-tested all of our strategies and we know they work.
If you've tried the NOBS Strategy for 100k hands (NL2 to NL10) and you didn't make money let us know (send us your database so we can analyze it) and we refund you the amount or get you something else.

Satisfied Or We Get You Something Else Guarantee

We have a 98% satisfaction rating. If you're not satisfied with the course, just let us know. You get store credit (aka discount) or a similar product of your choice.

More Than You Expected Guarantee

When you join us, you join a community of like-minded people from all over the world.
You become part of our group and we invite you into our VIP chats (Telegram) where our coaches give strategy tips, discuss hands and we even give out free access to live classes from time to time.


We have improved and perfected this course, but, if you have a question, we will always be here to help you out!

Simply write to

Although this is a beginners  course that aims to get you started on the right track we have demonstrated that with hard work and the right coaching (ours) you can make a lot of progress very fast.

As a general answer, The BPC courses have helped our members make up to $10.000/month. Of course, people have continued their education after that but is a good measurement.

We do not guarantee any profits, we are a serious company with high standards.

What makes us different from others is that we put our money where our mouth is. In our Coaching For Profits programs our students only pay a share of their profits. If they don’t win, they don’t pay.

This is why ambitious students from all over the world trust us for many years so.

Based on people who have used the same materials (check our testimonials and reviews) these are good estimates. However, you need to understand that it always depends on how much time YOU invest. We have people who don’t invest a lot of time and earn an extra $200/month. Then there are those who make a lot more.

As everywhere in life, it depends how much time you invest and how much you listen to the coaches.

This course was created in order to beat Limits NL2 – NL 25.

It is the foundation to beat high-stakes, but after beating NL 25, the truth is that you will have to get a more advanced course (we have that too).

No. The courses are not downloadable.

We have talked to our community and the overwhelming majority opted to keep the courses protected on the site and not downloadable.

You as an honest customer will profit from this because the information will stay among those who have paid for it.

In any case, you will be able to use our whole site (and watch the videos) on any device (desktop, tablet or phone). All you need is an internet connection.