Nobody turns into SOMEBODY, makes 60k Euro in 9 months and finishes CFP

Congratulations to Jan for finishing CFP in exactly 9 months.

In order to read his whole story, check out his blog and make sure to congratulate him by commenting in the post below (I know most people do on his blog, but many visitors and his parents/brother/girlfriend only read this article)!!!


It could have been a lot faster, but he was so happy about his 2nd consecutive 10k+ month in September (actually made 14kEuro) that he decided to go lazy and party the first 10 days of October with some of his university friends and BPC guys.

He was soooo distracted that he didn’t even realize that he finished the program!!! A few nights ago Janez contacted me and told me “Jan finished CFP” and I’m (Gordon) like wtf… why did he not tell anybody… 

Here is how it all started:

Here is the graph:

Funny/weird/annoying nickname:

SOMEBODY is definitely a marketing genius for giving himself the nickname “somebody”. He has caused so much confusion in the past year, it was amazing.
Every time in coaching when I said “can somebody do xxx or yyy” I had to justify myself and say “somebody in the group, not  SOMEBODY SOMEBODY”. Here is his (deeper) explanation with which I fully agree:
Record Holder:

He does not know this, but he is the current record holder for the best month in HU-CFP. Yes, Imachampion had a 35k month (Motivation!!! U can beat the Asian kid, come on!!!) but in the “scaled” version of BPC no HU player – not even the fastest finisher Rylan – had a 14k Euro month.

His Thank You Post (Link): 

The Future:

I have to say that in his last coaching as a CFP member he got beaten badly in a training match against M1ndctrl and myself, so if we follow on what he said in his last post, then the poker world should be veeeery scared that he’ll turn into another somebody.
On the other side, he’s started to explore many different things as he has mentioned (developing a board game, work as BPC coach, his own software addition for BPC).

I’m curious in which way he’ll go, but if he continues with the pace of where he started, big things can be expected.


P.S: Only good news about this is that 1 less Slovenian voting power inside of CFP 😉




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