BPC Starter Pack

Get 4 for the price of one!


  • Do you ever feel frustrated after ending your poker session? 
  • Are you telling yourself that you are not winning because other players are getting "lucky"? 
  • Are your improvising at the tables and playing without a clear plan? 

What if you knew what our successful poker students know and use to regularly win at the tables? That would make playing poker a lot EASIER and more FUN, right? 

Trust me, the answer is YES - poker is a great game, but it's a lot more fun to play it when you are WINNING. 

Get this e-book and start playing with no-bullshit 6-max strategies that work for our students.

Break-even and losing poker players with ambition will LOVE this e-book, because the simple strategies outlined are so easy to understand AND effective.

2. MINI COMBO PACK: All you need to know about poker combinations

  • Do you want to develop a natural instinct for thinking about hand ranges?
  • Quickly learn what are combinations, how to practice getting better at them, and how to think about ranges 
  • Once you start using our methods, you can put together the key info about any poker hand in minutes
  • This is NOT a long and detailed course about combinations with algebra, formulas and long complex calculations... It's an effective, straight-to-the-point explanation of how and why combinations matter.
  • Includes practical examples with step-by-step analysis which you can apply to your own hands and start practicing on your own today!

Copy-Paste our method. You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

3. SECRETS OF THE POKER MILLONAIRE MIND: The no-bullshit mindset of BPC's founder Gordon

  • Understand why it is not enough to know good poker strategy
  • Know exactly which steps you have to take in order to remove mind blocks that prevent success
  • See very clearly what the different between “psycho babble” and real practical advice is
  • Realize why rich players play to win (Chapter 1)
  • Learn why rich people are always a little bit weird and crazy (Chapter 11)
  • Understand why rich poker players constantly educate themselves and stay up-to-date (Chapter 12)
  • Learn why “wanting” to be rich is not enough and how you have to change (Chapter 3)

…and so much more! Most importantly, you will learn exactly how rich and successful poker players think. You will learn what they do differently and how you can take action and change!

4. TAKING NOTES: How to Profile and Exploit ANY Opponent

  • This note-taking system applies both to beginners and experienced players
  • Applicable to any game format: 6-max, Heads Up, PLO, SNG, MTT
  • Straight to the point. No bullshit talk in there. I’ll not bother you with all the theory and long non-interesting stuff, but will go right in the action through 26 hand examples of note-taking.
  • I’ll guide you and give you many hints which spots are important, when you need to take a note and on what should you focus the most.
  • BONUS: PPG part. 17 minutes long and in my opinion a good example of how to totally crush some opponents. After you’ll watch it you’ll see how much can you do with a couple of notes. It’s full of different adaptions so basically you get coaching from me for free. (Normally I would charge more than this course is selling for, just for this part).

The course consists of several chapters, in total 1 hour 20 minutes of video material.

BPC Starter Pack

Get 4 for the price of one!

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BPC Starter Pack

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