€18321 for Gonchan, and €10168 for Fred

Two students from our NLHU Soldier Coaching for Profits program are crushing everybody at the tables.

Again! These guys are making big money.

This is the 3rd consecutive month that Scott a.k.a. Fred is reaching the mark of €10k! Easy right?
No! You must work hard to achieve goals like this, and Fred is taking it very seriously.

Take a look at his setup:

Nice, don’t you think?  Now, take a look at his graph since he joined our NLHU Soldier Coaching for Profits:

Insane, right? Check out our interview with Fred at BPC Poker Camp 2017 – Cannes.



Another student who is doing pretty well is from Japan and his name is Kenta a.k.a Gonchan. And like everybody else he wasn’t winning at the tables when he started. As you can see in this short interview with him, he says: “I couldn’t even picture myself winning €1k per month.” And he just made €18k in a month! Can you believe it? Check out his graphic after he joined BPC:


They are definitely assimilating all the content and doing everything our coaches are teaching and, of course, the results are coming!

Congratulations to these guys! Another 2 successful students from BPC.


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  1. Gonchan
    Gonchan says:


    I’m gonna share my image in BPC camp 2018, in my country, sharing image in internet community is not common
    So I felt I want to conceal my face.

    This month my profit is not so good like this month, but play level was back to like last month.
    So I still have good chance to make good profit Dec.

    Let’s crush!

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