From NL2 to his first 10k month

Rutger finished his Coaching for Profits contract a couple of months ago.

He started CFP in the NL 6-max Micro program, close to the same time when I joined BPC, in the NL 6-max Crusher program.

I have a vivid memory of Gordon saying in the first or second coaching session we had: “There is an NL 6-max Micro guy who put a lot of volume and he’ll kick all of your asses!”

Gordon is known to make spot on predictions, and he was right as usual in his case. 

Rutger did kick all of our asses!

He moved to the intermediate course in no time, and he his progress was really fast.

With his grinding and multi-table skills, moving up stakes was not difficult. 

He went through all stakes and reached NL100. When he got there, didn’t take too much time for him to finish his contract.


Rutger’s €30k NL 6-max Crusher finisher graph.


In the first month on his own, he made €6.7k and started taking shots at NL200

In the second month on his own, he got the magical number all players wish to get.

He got his first €10k month!

10k month

Rutger’s story is a classical example of what happens here at Best Poker Coaching.

The student learns how to crush at the tables and he also learns how to improve on his own.

Now, Rutger wants to reach NL400 and get a €30k month.

With his work ethic and grinding skills, I have absolutely no doubt he is going to get that in no time!




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