This FREE 6-max Mini Course has 11 modules:

  • Intro: How to NOT play poker like a loser (AKA "The Big Picture")
  • How to Play a Hand (Correct Your Thought Process)
  • Build Your Gameplan
  • Download our Bulletproof 6-max Preflop Chart
  • NL 6-Max HUD
  • FLOP STRATEGY: Slowplay or Fastplay?
  • Practical examples: How to play against flop raises?
  • When to second-barrel on the turn?
  • How to bluff-catch on the river
  • Simple System to Stop Tilting at the Tables
  • Your road map to long-term poker success

*Bonus: Includes a 6-max Preflop Chart

**Bonus: Includes a basic 6-max HUD

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