Grinders Like You Already Won Over $5,000,000 Using BPC Coaching And Materials.

Now You Can Copy Their Strategies.


at MTT

and start crushing the competition (again) in 2019. Rake gets higher, games get tougher, and the competition studies more. More than 90% of players are losing. The question is: Do you want to belong to the top 10% or are you satisfied with where you are?
If you prefer being in the top 10% of players, watch the video above and read more below why Shark Academy is the premier coaching option in 2019

What you will get - Poker Training

Master Course​

The master course covers the most frequent and difficult spots in the game. Starting from preflop until the river. It will serve as a guide and foundation for your learning progress.

Special Topics​

Every week a new topic will be added that will complement the master course. Typical topics will cover 3-barrel bluffing, 3-bet pots, blocker play, when to fold and many more.


In our live webinars our coaches will prepare special topics and answer all the questions you have at no extra cost. It’s like having your own personal coach for free on top.

What you will get - Tools & Community

World Class HUD

You will get the same HUD that our Coaching for Profits students used to crush the competition. Take full advantage of our analysis and stats

Preflop Charts

Our charts are developed by the worlds most respected database analyst Alan Jackson. They are based on over 10million of hands that we analyzed

Private Group Access

Get access to our private facebook group. Reserved only for Shark Academy members. Discuss and get to know your fellow mates. 

As Seen On

How Shark Academy Works


Watch the Master Course and follow the strategies outlined. After that you can watch some specific topics that are interesting to you


It is very important to put in the hours at the table. New spots and questions? No problem, we don’t leave you alone. Go to the next step



Learn a new topic in real time and ask a real professional any question you have about a hand that you have played

What some of our (many) coaches have to say

Improve Your Skill, Become A Better Player And Turn Your Sessions Into A Source Of Profits

Bestpokercoaching Is Different

Scientific Analysis

Our strategies are tested and refined over millions of hands. Statistically analysed. For over 7 years they are proven to turn losing players into big winners

Quality Has It's Price

We’re the most expensive site which means we’re not for everybody. A single student has paid over $100.000 for our services. Our students have high expectations. 

Supportive Community

We live the poker dream together. On a daily basis in our online communities as well as in real life. We share Villas, meet up at our events and often become friends for life.

Step-by-step Training

We were the first in the world to teach poker in a step-by-step way. Random videos are banned from our site. Our training is structured and well thought out. We walk the extra mile.

Proven Strategies

What you learn at BPC are the exact same strategies that have helped losing players make millions at the tables. Theory is great, but we prefer to teach what REALLY works.


We believe real-time-training is essential. Ever wanted to ask a coach about a hand without having to pay $500/hour? At BPC you can do this every day for a fraction of the cost.

What Our Students Say About Us

Special Discounts Only For You

As a Shark Academy member you will get special discounts for all of our products. This includes our expert classes as well as tools like our population analysis and postflop automation tools. You will also get free previews and early bird access into every new tool and training that we develop.


Our students (most of them started as losing players) make more money while learning than most seasoned professionals


Joining a coaching session is very simple. You will have a list of upcoming webinars on your dashboard, with the registration link.

Watch this video for details:

First of all you should know that you will have to work hard. We do not sell a magic pill. We have demonstrated that with hard work and the right coaching (ours) you can make a lot of progress very fast.

The Shark Academy is there to teach you everything you need to know up to making $3000/month. Of course, people have made more money as well, but that is a good measurement. Of course, if you play tournaments and have a good month, that could become more.

If your long term goals are to make more than that per month, you have to join our Coaching For Profits program. Keep in mind though that it is of a different nature (coaches are aggressive and you will be pushed around at times). You will also have to prove that you are playing 40+ hours per week.
The Shark Academy is a more friendly version and definitely a good start. And if you’re new to BPC we do recommend you the Academy first. 
Coaching For Profits is generally speaking more suited towards full-time players.

Based on people who have used the same materials (check our testimonials and reviews) these are good estimates. However, you need to understand that it always depends on how much time YOU invest. We have people who don’t invest a lot of time and earn an extra $200/month. Then there are those who make a lot more.

As everywhere in life, it depends how much time you invest and how much you listen to the coaches.

Shark Academy covers 6-max & ZOOM, Spin & Go, MTT, and PLO.

Depending on which membership option you choose, you will get access to courses, strategy libraries and coaching webinars for all of these games. Alternatively you can also choose to focus on only game.

We organize 30-50 coaching sessions per month for Shark Academy members. 

Since we have daily webinars, we are constantly expanding our Strategy libraries with the best of the recordings. You can expect at least 30 hours of new video strategy content each month. If you are focusing on only one game, please check our schedule to see how many webinars are offered for your game.

The number of webinars for specific games changes, and will adapt to popular demand.

A typical weekly webinar schedule has five 6-max webinars, three Spin & Go webinars, three PLO webinars, one ZOOM webinar, and one  MTT webinar.

You can expect 10-15 live coaching webinars on average per week, which means around 50 per month. You can join as many as you want.

Coaching sessions run every day of the week, often several times per day.

Typically the webinars run in the afternoon-evening times European and USA times, and throughout the day on the weekends.

Whether you are from USA/Canada or Europe, you will find plenty of convenient times you can attend.

Each coaching session is also recorded and you can watch it at any time you want if you miss it, or if you simply want to re-watch it.

In the Shark Academy you simply pay a low monthly fee without any obligations. You get our know-how which we developed over the years of experience with many of our CFP students, and some of the live webinars will also overlap with CFP webinars.

The CFP program has strict obligations (like a minimum of 40hours playing per week) and is made for poker professionals or those who want to become.

You can think of Shark Academy as “CFP light”. You will be able to learn proven strategies without a €60,000 contract that CFP students have to sign.

We are a global community. Once every year we have a big live event where we meet up to learn, share our experience and have a fun time together. This is where most of the pictures are taken.
We are very serious, scientific and professional when it comes to learning. We take things to the next level. The best way to put yourself into the right state of mind is to dress the way you want to learn and play. During our live seminars we have a strict dress code – you have to wear a suit. At the fun parts of our events, everybody comes as they are.

With your Shark Academy account comes access to our prefessional dashboard which we have designed for our students with out in-house developer team over the years.

We believe in measuring performance so you can improve based on feedback. It’s very important that you track your results – as they say, you can’t improve that which you don’t measure.

See the video below on how to manage and update your bankroll using BPC dashboard

No. The courses are not downloadable.

We have talked to our community and the overwhelming majority opted to keep the courses protected on the site and not downloadable.

You as an honest customer will profit from this because the information will stay among those who have paid for it.

In any case, you will be able to use our whole site (and watch the videos) on any device (desktop, tablet or phone). All you need is an internet connection.

ChOOse the plan that fits you best:


Sign up below
20 per month
with a 350€ sign-up fee
  • LIVE Webinars
  • Strategy Course
  • Coaching Recordings
  • Professional dashboard to track your results
  • Private Skype Group


Sign up below
160 per year
with 350€ sign-up fee
  • LIVE Webinars
  • Strategy Course
  • Coaching Recordings
  • Professional dashboard to track your results
  • Private Skype Group

More Feedback From Our Students

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