The BPC Academy MTT

Join the Premier Online Community for Poker Players

The BPC Academy MTT Is The Fast, Fun, & Convenient Way To Learn How To Effectively Grow Your Bankroll And Move UP The Limits Systematically… You’ll get:

Coaching Sessions and Open Forum

  • Direct access to our coaches through live-trainings (all your questions will be answered)
  • Discuss hands with other MTT students in our forums to improve your game even faster!

Coaching System

The most advanced coaching system. You learn step-by-step with guidance from the best coaches in the world. This is the award-winning system that helped all our famous players to move up from micro-stakes to high-stakes in 9months…

Keep All Your Profit

Unlike Coaching For Profits, you keep 100% winnings to yourself. You don’t have to fill out forms, send reports or do any of those things that might be annoying to some

No contract to sign, you can leave at any time

Grow Your Bankroll

Your BPC Academy MTT membership has 1 primary goal: To make you a winning player at MTTs. Poker is a great game, but it’s a lot more fun when you’re winning – and we want you to have LOTS of fun!

What is the difference between the BPC Academy and the Coaching for Profits programs (CFP)?

WHAT DO YOU GET in the BPC Academy MTT?

Theory part: MTT Strategy Course

Practice: Coaching Sessions 

Community: Get Acess to our private FB Group and to our forums, where you can discuss hands with others MTT students.

BONUS: Tilt Free Today Course

BONUS: Secrets of the Poker Millionaire Mind E-Book

BONUS: How to Become a Poker Millionaire Course

MTT Strategy Course

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about beating micro and small stakes MTT games.


Lesson 1: Openraising
Lesson 2: How To Play Vs 3bets
Lesson 3: 3 Bet & Coldcalling


Lesson 1: How To Play The Nuts (Theory)
Lesson 2: How To Play The Nuts (Practical)
Lesson 3: How To Play Top Pair (Theory)
Lesson 4: How To Play Top Pair (Practical)
Lesson 5: How To Play 2nd Pair (Theory)
Lesson 6: How To Play 2nd Pair (Practical)
Lesson 7: How To Play 3rd Pair (Theory)
Lesson 8: How To Play 3rd Pair (Practical)
Lesson 9: How To Play Flush Draws (Theory)
Lesson 10: How To Play Flush Draws (Practical)
Lesson 11: How To Play OESD (Theory)
Lesson 12: How To Play OESD (Practical)
Lesson 13: How To Play Gutshot (Theory)
Lesson 14: How To Play Gutshot (Practical)


Lesson 1: Push &  Fold
Lesson 2: Rejam Charts
Lesson 3: Rejamming Part I – ChipEV
Lesson 4: Rejaming Part 2 – Final Tables
Lesson 5: Calling Rejams
Lesson 6: BvB Call or Fold Part I – ChipEV
Lesson 7: Call or Fold Part II – Final Tables
Lesson 8: The Risk Premium

You’ll also get access to…

MTT Academy Coaching Session Archive

Here you can find the last 10 coaching sessions, in case you have missed any of them. Older sessions are not archived. Any important or “best of” material is regularly added to the other courses that you have available.

Bonus: Tilt Free Today Course

Learn how to stop losing money at the tables due to emotional decisions! This course will give you all the tools and resources you need to become tilt free in under 30 days. Get over the gambler’s fallacy and stop tilting today!

Bonus: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind E-Book

It is not enough to know good poker strategy if you want to crush at the tables consistently. You need the correct state of mind as well! The book is very compact with real practical advice and cuts out all the “psycho-babble” that you simply don’t need. None of our products have filler material and this book is no exception. I’ve taken a lot of my time and picked the best of everything. The language is rough, but it WILL motivate you!

HOW DOES THE COACHING LOOK LIKE? Progressive coaching formats

(…Which Will Push You To Become The Best Poker Player You Can Be)

1-2 times each week you can attend our coaching (in the future it even will be every single day at least once). The coaching is between 1-2 hours long and we focus on one specific topic and/or student in each session. Every question will be answered. 

Our video library (always updated) with custom tailored videos for each topic. 

Our famous and proven method of using step-by-step lessons will be supported by our extensive video library. For each topic, you will not only get a lesson plan written, but also practical videos that show you how to DO the things you have learned.


Let’s just say more than enough and more than you can ever use. You will be able to speak to a coach on a weekly basis, and a lot more than that if you are putting in the hours to improve.

If you are super motivated and have a lot of time, take advantage of this offer! If you have a full time job, no worries, you can join the coaching whenever you got some free time.


Value lies in the eye of the spectator! 

In the past, you would have paid 500 Euro/hour to have high quality coaching with us. That means you will get 20.000 Euro worth of coaching every month (40 hours x 500 Euro). 

Ok, this number is too high of course, because we don’t need to re-create each video for everybody again.

Also, while Gordon would charge today at least 1000 Euro/hour, a coach for micro-stakes would not charge that much.

So let’s be “reasonable” and say instead of 20.000 Euro/month, the value is more around 2.000 Euro each month. 

And you can join coaching sessions in the BPC Academy MTT paying only €240 at first, and then 29 euro/month! You even get a 14-days free trial!

Live Coaching Sessions With Julian “HealTheWorld”

Julian “HealTheWorld”

Julian, also known as HealTheWorld, constantly plays tournaments on Poker Stars.

He is also known as JayGatsby in another poker training site where he coaches since 2012.

His accomplishes doesn’t stop there, he is the founder of the Team GatsbyKemphino. This is the most successful group of poker players in the world! Don’t believe me? Here are the players that are part of this team:

-Fedor “CrownUpGuy” Holz

I guess you may have heard about some of those guys!

Julian also has a WPT title to his name. He took down the WPT Prague Main Event in 2013 taking home $283.827

Your Membership Is Better Than Free

Our goal is to make sure your BPC Academy MTT membership pays for itself (and a lot more) in poker winnings starting right away! We are VERY results oriented. Call us “superficial”, but we desperately want our members to win money at the tables! And we do everything in our powers to make this happen.

The 3 Payment Plans

Joining the BPC Academy MTT is simple. You need to pay a sign-up fee of €240, and the membership will cost you €29 per month. You get 14-days free trial and then you will be charged automatically every 30 days.  You can cancel your membership anytime you like, and join again any time you want.

At the point of joining, you will pay the first €240, and get access right away. After that, you pay €29 every 30 days after the 14-days free trial to keep access to the BPC Academy MTT and its Coaching Sessions.

For this, you get access to all the training materials currently in the MTT Strategy Course, as well as all as access to the coaching sessions.



  • A sign-up fee of €240
  • €29 / month (14-days free trial)
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime access to MTT Strategy Course
  • Access to the MTT Forum


€58 for 3 months of membership (1 free month)

  • A sign-up fee of €240
  • €58 / 3 months (14-days free trial)
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime access to MTT Strategy Course
  • Access to the MTT Forum


€116 for 6 months of membership (2 free months)

  • A sign-up fee of €240
  • €116 / 6months (14-days free trial)
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime access to MTT Strategy Course
  • Access to the MTT Forum

Who Should Join BPC Academy MTT?

Recreational/Hobby Poker Player

If you’re a time-strapped poker player and poker is not the only and your #1 priority in life, you don’t have time to spend hours researching the complexities of winning poker strategies. You need someone to show you, step by step, exactly how to implement the strategies your game needs…and that’s exactly what you’ll get in the BPC Academy MTT.

Serious Poker Player

If you’re a passionate poker player determined to move up and start making real money at this game, you’ve found home. BPC Academy MTT is where ambitious poker players like yourself come to meet, to learn, and to share their ideas & experiences. Even if you’re already a winning poker player, your membership is well worth it for the support and friendships you’ll build with other like-minded players.

Who Should NOT Join BPC Academy MTT?

If You’re Already Making €3000+ Each Month At The Tables

If you are already winning $3000+/month regularly (not winning a tourney once!), you should consider joining one of our CFP Programs instead. You would still benefit from the BPC Academy MTT, but for those $10k+ months, CFP is the right place to go.

If You Are Happy With Being a Losing Player

Not everybody wants to make money at this game, and grow their bankroll. Everybody has the choice to stay at their current level. However, BPC Academy MTT is for ambitious players who would like to develop as poker players, grow their bankroll and move up the limits. Since you have visited our site, I assume you belong in this second category!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What Is The Difference Between Coaching For Profits And BPC Academy?”

A: Short answer:

The BPC Academy is the “light version” of our famous and most successful coaching program – the BPC Coaching For Profits. CFP is more made for full-time or “hardcore” players. Players have a strict contract (pay a % of winnings) and a lot of daily tasks. This is great, but not a perfect fit for everybody. Hence we created the BPC Academy

BPC Academy is the most advanced coaching system.

You learn step-by-step with guidance from the best coaches in the world. You get access to the MTT Strategy Course (the most advanced MTT course that covers every possible scenario) and you can join 4-6 live coaching webinar sessions each month (soon possibly even more). You will also join our private facebook group where members can discuss with themselves. 

 You don’t have to sign any contract or make regular updates to your bankroll and you don’t share profits.

Coaching For Profits is for the hardcore player who wants to become the best he can be.

This is the BPC Academy on steroids. You sign the contract, need to make regular updates to Coaching For Profits software, we split the profits 50-50, so we make sure you do what it needs to succeed. 

 You will have access to starter/intermediate/advanced course (based on your level) and can join group coachings (like in Academy), 1on1 coachings, theory coachings. 

 We also work with the most sophisticated Database expert in the world (Alan Jackson) with whom we refine our strategies and put our education on a scientific level.

Q: “Where Can I Find The Registration Link For The Academy Live Coaching Session?”

A:You can find the calendar of the sessions and the registration links in the first unit of the BPC Academy  MTT course and we will also send it to you via email. 


Q: “What About Cost, Refund, Freezing, Cancellation Of BPC Academy Membership?”


  • The cost is 29 Euro/month (14-days free trial). There is a signup fee of 250-500 Euro (depends on the specific academy. You will be shown the price before paying of course) 
  • You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. Just email [email protected] and we take care of the rest 
  • Payments already made are not refunded as per our general refund policy 
  • Freezing (not using for one month, then re-joining) is not possible. We ask for a very low price compared to the value that you receive. Perhaps in the future we will enable this option

Q: “Which Type Of Poker Games Can I Study At The BPC Academy (Such As MTT, Spin’n’go, 6max Cash, Zoom, HU, PLO…)?”

A: BPC Academy covers the following games variants as of December 2016 (we will add more in the future):

  • 6max NoLimit (NL2 up to NL25), Zoom/Fast-fold games included 
  • Spin & Go ($0,25 up to $15 limits)
  • Pot Limit Omaha (PLO 5 up to PLO 25) COMING SOON 
  • SNGs, Hyper SNGs (up to the $20 buy-in level) COMING SOON 
  • MTTs (up to the $12 buy-in level)

Of course, when you join the BPC Academy, you will choose one variant to specialize in. 

The price is already extremely low for the type of high quality content that you are getting. The main reason we do this is because we want to show to you at a low level how to make money consistently. 

Once you make money, you will want more and then (hopefully) join our Coaching For Profits programs where you will learn how to make 10k+/month. Of course that is your choice.

Question: Why MTT only up to $12?

Answer: What we teach and the research we do is already available at a very cheap price. We have students who make $4000/month at a Limit as low as $12. Because of our precise and laser targeted material, anything higher than that, we can’t give away for a low monthly fee. You can join the Coaching For Profits program where of course you will only pay if you win.

Question: Why is HU-No-Limit not included?

Answer: A big part of the Heads Up information and coaching is too expensive to give away at such a low price. If you want to master Heads Up and make 10k+/month very fast, you will have to join the Coaching For Profits.

Q: “How Much Money Can I Earn Joining The BPC Academy (No Matter Which Specific Game Variant)?”

A: The academy is there to teach you everything you need to know up to making $3000/month. Of course, people have made more money as well, but that is a good measurement. Of course, if you play tournaments and have a good month, that could become more. 

 If your long term goals are to make more than that per month, you have to join our Coaching For Profits program. Keep in mind though that it is of a different nature (coaches are aggressive and you will be pushed around at times). The BPC Academy is a more friendly version and definitely a good start. And if you’re new to BPC we do recommend you the Academy first. 

Coaching For Profits is generally speaking more suited towards full-time players (although at the time of writing, we have no hard rules on how many hours have to be played). 

 Based on people who have used the same materials (check our testimonials and reviews) these are good estimates. However, you need to understand that it always depends on how much time YOU invest. We have people who earn an extra $200/month and of course those who make a lot more. 

Every BPC Academy teaches you step-by-step the specific money making skills that are needed in today’s game.

Q: “What Is The BPC Academy And Which Type Of Content Will I Get Access To?”

A: The main difference between the BPC Academy and the BPC Club is that at the Academy you will:

  • Get access to material that is highly classified (at the start only people with a 100k contract were able to access it. You can check our history for proof). It is a complete learning path that people have used to start at NL2 and make $100k in less than 9months (i know this sounds like one of those internet stories…but listen, we’re the real deal. Unlike others, we actually DOCUMENT publicly and you can literally read through the daily up and downs of these people who achieved incredible success with our help… 
  • You have to choose one type of game to study deeper. Why? While you can learn at the BPC Club different types of poker variants (6max Cash, PLO, SNG, MTTs), at the BPC Academy you have to choose ONE variant. The main reason for this is that our coaches are very expensive and the material is laser targeted with scientific precision. And as you understand, this is very expensive for us, we have invested over $500k+ to research and compile these products… We run expensive research divisions and we test our strategies. We do this not only because we want to give you the best material, but we HAVE TO. Why? At the Coaching For Profits section, we only earn money when our players win. This forces us not to follow the latest hype or what some “smart” or “famous” players say is good. No, we actually have to find out what is GOOD FOR YOU!
  • You get personal access to coaches who crush the games TODAY, which you are going to learn. In the (group) coaching sessions you can ask all the questions you want. We actually have a guarantee that ALL questions will be answered. You can ask as much as you want !!! (Imagine how expensive this would be if you had to pay a coach for $100/hour on your own). Depending on the Academy, you will get all of this – and a lot more – for just $10-$30/month (take advantage of it until our accountants tell us to charge the real value…) 

What else does the BPC Academy have to offer?

  • We wouldn’t be BPC is we did not tell you when you play a hand badly. However, the coaches will be very friendly motivators. They understand that not everybody is a full-time professional and they will be very patient while still giving you the necessary motivation 
  • You get direct access to our coaches through live-trainings (all your questions will be answered) 
  • You get the most advanced coaching system. You learn step-by-step with guidance from the best coaches in the world 
  • Unlike Coaching For Profits, you keep 100% winnings to yourself. You don’t have to fill out forms, send reports 
  • You don’t have to sign a contract, you can cancel and leave at any time

Q: “Who Should Join And Who Should Not Join The BPC Academy?”

A: For Whom is it:

  • You want to study poker step-by-step. At the BPC Club you learn general concepts and sound play. At the BPC Academy you will learn not only those concepts, but how to apply them in every single situation possible 
  • At 6max Cash, we have specific videos on how to play 77-99, how to play vs check-raises and all the suggestions we have for you are not only good advice, but also scientifically tested (winning moves in a 50million+ hands database) AND field tested (normal IQ human people will win using our strategies…not just the most talented poker geniuses) 
  • You like high quality material, but also being guided by a (human) coach and ask all questions without having to pay $100 or even $500+ per hour

For Whom it isn’t:

  • If you are already consistently making more than $3000/month (in this case the only option you have and should choose is the CFP, so we can help you make $10k+/month) 
  • You are on a very limited budget and not want to feel out first. No pressure. You should join the BPC Club first. Our first goal is to help you even if it means less money for us 
  • If you haven’t figured out yet which variant of poker you like most (PLO, 6max cash, MTT etc)