Monthly Recap: Poker Camp, Top Finishers, Coaching Clinics, and More

May was a huge month for BPC with plenty of additions, improvements, and increased access for players. Some major news was the announcement that Poker Camp is coming soon and players can book their trips now. Here’s a quick look at some of the things that happened at BPC in May.


Card Camp

Mark the calendar and book your flight, the annual BPC Poker Camp will be held Sept. 13-16 in Marrakesh, Morocco. Once a year, BPC offers a chance for the community to meet and hang out in real life, make new friends, and have some fun.

Marrakesh makes for a great meet-up spot. The centuries-old city offers a bustling historic vibe with beautiful architecture mixed with stunning natural views. For those in attendance, there will also be plenty of poker – from cash games to the annual BPC Tournament. But there is so much more – jet-ski madness, quad races across the desert, go-kart races, paintball battles, and much more.

Another highlight is the finishers’ ceremony, which recognizes players’ hard work and they are presented with their trophies. The event also serves as inspiration for many in attendance. The entire four-day experience allows players to meet the BPC team, coaches, finishers, and fellow players.

What’s another cool thing about this trip? BPC has the entire hotel for all three nights – from the suites and rooms to the pool to the lounge to the bar. Hang out and relax with friends. The camp ends with a night of fine dining.

The price includes the full three nights’ stay at the exquisite Riad Al Rimal hotel, entry to all BPC Events, a daily breakfast, and the final dinner. Don’t miss out – make it to Marrakesh. To book or for more information, CLICK HERE.


Top Blogger


Thomas Sechser (Z0cK3r) was voted top blogger for the month of May. This 20-year-old player from Bavaria, Germany, plays NL5 on iPoker and PartyPoker and is in the NL 6-Max Micro Program.

Updating on a daily basis is what sets Thomas’s blog apart from others. He tries not only to write about his sessions at the tables but also some real-life events and throws in a few bad beat stories just for fun.

“I never thought I would be voted Blog of the Month,” he says. “I started the blog mainly to keep myself focused on poker.”

Poker became an option after Thomas attended university to study law. He quickly found out life in a courtroom or office wasn’t for him.


“I took some time to reconsider things about what to do in my future,” he says. “I thought, ‘Let’s just try it out.’ I always had a plan to learn poker anyway, and I thought the time had come. When I saw a video about BPC on Youtube I decided to take the next step and here I am.”

Along with the Blogger of the Month title, £100 in CFP points, and T-shirt with his BPC program logo, Thomas also had his biggest single-day finish in May. At stakes of NL5 for only his second time on May 19, Thomas booked a $42 winning day.


It was a great month overall and he’s pleased where things are headed.

“BPC is like a big family,” he says. “You’re always in contact with the coaches and the weekly coaching sessions are really great!”


Want to read more? Check out Thomas’s blog here.


Spin & Win Free Coaching Clinics

For those looking at improving their Spin and Go games, BPC was the place to be in May. The site held two free training days on May 12 and 19. The Spin & Go Coaching for Profits seminars with coach Paul proved very popular.

Paul comes from a teaching background and began coaching 10 years ago. He’s coached over 500 players, and his efforts come with plenty of hands-on experience. He began playing full time 12 years ago, starting in regular and turbo HU Sit and Go’s and later moved to limits as high as $350. He then switched to HU hyper turbos and is skilled at Spin and Go’s in the $60-$100 range.

“I’ve had dozens of players I’ve coached become full-time professional players,” he says, “and coached a number of players who have gone on to play the highest limits.”


Everyone joining the CFP program gets coaching five times a week in small groups. Entering the Spin & Go CFP program offers plenty of benefits including:


  • Coaching for profits is risk-free – you only pay, if you win.
  • Study groups with a dedicated coach.
  • One on One coaching is available.
  • “On-demand” help from our coaches to analyze hands and play.
  • Private and exclusive rakeback deals.


With so many opportunities and benefits as well as some of the best poker coaching around, players don’t have much to lose. Ready to spin and win? CLICK HERE.


Player of the Month

Alessandro (randomwalkin) crushed it this month, raking in almost €14,000 in the NL HU SOLDIER program. That’s a great result capping a nice month after recently finishing the Heads-Up 60K program. Alessandro says he didn’t play too much during May but was really running hot.


“I am satisfied with my game overall apart from a few days in which I played terribly,” he says. “I didn’t have any huge positive day, but I manage to have many consecutive big winnings which overall made a big result for the month of May.”


One hand at NL1k really stands out. Alessandro opened with [Ad5d] and received a call. The flop brought a flush draw with one overcard.


“My opponent donks,” he says. “I decided to call only because I saw him calling my raise on his donks every time on both the flop and turn. So I do not see myself having any fold equity.”


On the turn, Alessandro hit his nut flush and his opponent bet again. Alessandro decided to min-raise knowing he won’t give up easily and is pretty confident he will call or raise with the majority of his range. The player decided to go all in, only showing a flush draw with the [8d]. This top-notch BPC student won his stack of about €600.


May proved a great month for players in the NL HU SOLDIER program and shows what can be accomplished. Here’s a full list of the top finishers this month:


  • 1st – randomwalkin, €13,874 (NL HU SOLDIER)
  • 2nd – Lombardimaowz, €5,748 (NL HU SOLDIER)
  • 3rd – Rafael Coelho, €5,112 (NL 6-Max CRUSHER BRAZIL)
  • 4th – Iamwhatiam, €3,700 (NL 6-Max CRUSHER)
  • 5th – nisselioni, €3,545 (NL HU SOLDIER)


€60K Playing Cash Games – Let’s Go

Whatever your skill level, BPC can help. Whether at the Micro stakes or the Elite/Crusher level, BPC’s 6-MAX Cash Games programs offer plenty of help reaching those profitable levels of play you may not have gotten to on your own. With a proven track record of success and a step-by-step, BPC offers a systematic coaching for profits program that can help any determined player.


With proven coaches and systems, the BPC approach offers players a chance to maximize their skills, game instincts, and profits. With eight courses and lessons for every level and situation, and inspired players can’t go wrong giving BPC a shot. Here are some highlights of what the site offers players looking to go above and beyond at the tables:


  • Daily question and answer sessions with coaches committed to your success.
  • Up to three weekly sessions in a study group of four to six students with a dedicated coach.
  • One-on-one sessions with a coach for the most dedicated students.
  • Every hand a player posts on the forum will get a video analysis from a coach. Get some insight from an expert!
  • A database analysis and report of your play.
  • Make use of the “Leakfinder” report. Get rid of those shortcomings in your game.
  • Make use of up to two monthly private consulting sessions with a VIP coach and affiliate manager. There’s always someone trying to help a player improve.
  • The “on-demand” coaching hand review system for most programs can be a huge help for players. Every hand a student submits is answered in video format by BPC coaches.


So get a positive mindset and get ready to work on your game. BPC can help.


Sean Chaffin is a freelance writer in Texas. His work appears in numerous websites and publications such as Follow him on Twitter @PokerTraditions.

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