Michael Finishes his €5000 Coaching for Profits Contract

Michael, from Sweden, finished his €5000 Coaching for Profits contract in the NL 6-max Crusher program.

We had an interview with him to check how was this experience for him:


Where do you live and how is it to live there and what do you like a lot about it?

I live in a small seaside town in Sweden. I love being able to step out the door and be either downtown, by the sea or in a park within a few mins. The view doesn’t hurt either.

That is a nice sunset!

When did you start playing poker and when you decided to take it more seriously?

I decided to start playing poker in 2012 with a $50 deposit. back then I was playing SNGs and Tourneys. The switch to cash games was in 2014.

I started to take it more seriously the day I decided to join the CFP program.


What is the biggest difference from before joining CFP to now?

I’m more disciplined now. My thought process and hand reading skills are miles better now.

In which stake did you start in the program, and in which stake are you playing now?

I decided to forget everything I had learned before and learning the basics playing NL2. Now I’m playing NL25.

Michael’s graph with some untracked hands missing

Which 3 things did you learn?

  1. The pre-session warm-up is super important, and so is cooldown!
  2. Mindset. Fix tilt issues as much as you can. It will do wonders for your winrate.
  3. You can always put more hours in on the tables!


How did you like the structure, material and the coaching sessions on the program? Can you point one important thing you learned from each coach you had?

The material and coaches are amazing!

Each coach has their own style which is brilliant, from the NOBS approach to what are all the options approach and the analytical. It’s great to get a piece from everyone.

I think the big takeaway was if you ever get lost, just fall back to the standard line. You rarely go wrong with that.


What was the best part of being in the 6max Crusher program?

Becoming a much better poker player, and a much better person in general.


During your journey, did the BPC community help in any way? How?

The community is great and I love how everybody helps and supports each other. You get a feeling of belonging and everyone wants to see you succeed.


What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?

I know it’s been said over and over again but it bears repeating. JUST DO EXACTLY WHAT THE COACHES TELL YOU TO DO!


Now that you’re finished, what are your plans for the future poker-wise?

To keep hitting those tables, improving my game and climbing the stakes. 


Thank you very much for the interview, Michael! Keep improving and moving up in stakes!


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