Meet “W34z3l”, a coach on our 6-max team

Today we had a meet up with “W34z3l” . He is a poker coach in our 6-max coaching program.

How are you doing in general and at the poker tables?

Although now retired from professional play, I am considered as one of the top consultants in the industry. I offer high level technical analysis (i.e. database work) and also help players make relevant application of game theory concepts to the game of poker.

During my professional career, I was able to generate positive win-rates in some of the toughest games in the world.

When did you actually start playing poker?

I first played poker when I was 18, through a text based role-playing game. Adventurers played cards for gold which they could use to purchase upgrades for their character.

I quickly realized that poker is not a game of chance. Although there are elements of random probability, a skilled player will always come out on top in the long run.

What do you like most about being a coach for BPC? And in general how is it for you to be coach? What do you like most about that?

The things that BPC does best:

    • Practical ways to make money at the tables.
    • Mindset
    • Volume and Hard Work.

It’s really all about making money here at BPC. Not about being “the best reg”. Not even always about maximizing winrate in every spot.

BPC promotes the importance of hard work and discipline. These values transcend the game itself and find positive application in a range of real world scenarios.


Where do you actually come from or live right now and how is it to live there?

I’m British. If you appreciate copious amounts of rain and a general lack of Vitamin D, it’s excellent.


What are your plans for the future in general and in poker?

After a good run, I’m looking to branch out to other areas of business. Consulting services will continue for a period of time although not indefinitely.

It will likely be a number of years before other sources catch up to my knowledge of the game.

In the meantime, I am free to disseminate all of my strategic understanding at leisure.


How do you motivate yourself to put in the hours at the tables?

This was never a problem for me. It was a privilege to be a professional investor (yes, poker is investing, not gambling).

Some people slave away with difficult jobs and I was honestly thankful to sit at home, drink coffee and click buttons.


If there is only one thing you can give as advice to your students, which one would you give?

The best motive for playing is that you love the game.

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4 replies
  1. PlazaBPC
    PlazaBPC says:

    For me, weasel is bar far the stand out coach on BPC. His understanding on the H2N hud is remarkable and I hope he continues to give weekly webinar on BPC. In my nearly 20 yrs of playing, I’ve never sat down and studied the game and it’s committed me to really knuckle down and take note of what Weasel says. I now spend a minimum of 25 hrs a week with Poker studying and it’s slowly sinking in. He’s so right about being dedicated to the game. If you are not, you will never be successful in reaching your full potential. I just hope weasel stays long enough at BPC for me to make the absolute most of his webinars and training videos.
    It helps Him being British for me personally, I can fully understand what he’s saying and what he’s teaching and I think with his help I could go all the way. But that takes so much time. It’s just a great advert for BPC to have Weasel in their ranks.
    Do I get that discount you promised now Weasel?

    Only Joking – found this after googling him.

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