“Never give up, never surrender!”

We are happy that Ivan – known as “m1ndCrtl” to the community of BestPokerCoaching – found time for a meet-up with us. 

He is very well known in our community, not just as a coach, but also as a previous student in our poker coaching program: He finished 60.000 € Heads-Up program one year ago. 
You can take a look at his blog HERE.
So we wanted to see how he is doing right now and which new challenges he is pursuing in life.
How is it going in poker and in life?
It’s going outstanding! Poker wise as you know I have been adding more MTTs to my schedule and as Gordon once described it I was in the learning curve for a few months, not much happening, but now things are slowly starting to kick off and I am feeling very excited for what is coming.
As far as life goes my lovely wife gave birth to my second boy a couple of months ago, so there you go – one more reason to push myself even more.
  What did you take away from your time in BPC, as a player and as a coach?
I would say by far the most valuable thing I took away from BPC as a student were the people I surrounded myself with. It is just one amazing community.
Some people had it easy others struggled, but we all helped each other to be better in every way possible.
Being a coach is for me a way of giving back and I wouldn’t lie I also do it for selfish reasons – it gives me a whole new level of satisfaction as a person 🙂
His graph as CFP student.

You also have your own project. What is this project about, can you tell us more about it?
Yeah, actually I just launched my own site m1ndcrtl.com, which is going to focus on mindset for poker players and eliminating all the mental leaks individually
What are your future plans for poker?
At the moment, I am trying to master the tournament format and I plan to add some live tournaments in my 2017 schedule. After that, we will see. There are a lot of very tempting opportunities in regards to poker
What are your future plans in life?
Well we have been living in Malta for almost 2 years now and we loved it, but since we believe life is too short to stay in one place for too long, we decided to take on the next family adventure and in early 2017 we will be moving to Costa Rica. Pura Vida! 
If there is one thing you see quite often players are doing wrong, what would that be? 
I would say a lack of plan and focus. Most students I worked with kind of know what they want, but not really. They have their plans stuck somewhere deep in their heads, not realizing how much power a result-focused plan has.
In order to crush in basically anything in life you need to have a clear written action plan and you need to entirely focus on it if you want to live your dreams. Anything less would be a failure. That would be in my opinion the biggest mistake for most people.
If there is only one thing you could give as an advice to players, what would that be?
Stay focused on your dreams and don’t let fears hold you back…oh and of course never give up, never surrender!


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  1. “In order to crush in basically anything in life you need to have a clear written action plan.” Great comment. Writing out goals and action plans is so important.

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