Meet Nubson one of our successful HU coaches

Not that long ago Nubson finished as a student of our HU team the program in BestPokerCoaching with his personal record day of 4k. If you want to know how he did it, check his blog HERE.

Now he is one of our successful HU coaches. We wanted to see how he is doing after the program and as a coach within our team and in life in general. Here he is:

How are you doing these days in general and at the poker tables?

I’m doing just great! My last few months in CFP program were quite hard – I focused basically only on poker. 
Now finally some months after the program, I had some time to catch up on other things like for example moving into a bigger and more comfortable flat, getting back in shape (still in progress ;)). 
With Poker I’m also doing very well, my hourly is constantly increasing, last month I’ve started playing NL1k and I set a new record for my best month: 12k.
Honestly, I was a bit disappointed about that, though,  because it was really close to a huge record of 20k.  

What do you say about the whole BPC experience? How has it improved your results?

My results after BPC went up from a few hundred Dollars per month to a few thousand every single month and it’s still increasing. 

How is that experience for you of being a coach and sharing your knowledge with the students?

Being a coach gives me a lot of confidence. It is pushing me constantly forward because I teach my students things that I have done myself or I am doing right now to improve my game and myself.

Where do you actually come from in Poland and how is it to live there?
Currently, I live in Legnica. It is a small city in the south-west part of Poland. I moved to Legnica to start my IT studies and I decided to stay here after graduation.
Legnica has a very rich history: Many historical monuments like castles, cathedrals, also a few hundred years old defensive towers and walls. There is a lot to see here. 
Also, Legnica is really close to the “Karkonosze” National Park. The park is located in the highest part of the Sudetes.
Usually, I spent my free days there with walking along the mountain paths away from any kind of modern technology. 

What are your plans for the future in general and in poker?

My plans for near future? Getting married, building a house, planting a tree 🙂
My poker plans are to continue doing things which work, grind as much as I can and becoming a poker millionaire within the next few years.

How do you motivate yourself to put in the hours at the tables, Maciej?

I will get beheaded if I don’t put in the hours 😉

Go grind, NOW! I’m going…

What advice would you give your students and fellow grinders?

Be patient and stay positive !!

Awesome, thanks a lot for your time! We wish you all the best and a lot of nice months, like the last one!

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