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25 Lessons that cover everything from ranges to how to bluff or exploit your opponents (8+ hours of video)

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Theory and practical examples



The first module is about advanced preflop ranges and strategies.

As you know, many people lose very big pots by not understanding 3-bet pots correctly.

Having coached over a hundred people personally, and hundreds more with BPC, I have a lot of experience with what people get wrong most often.

Whenever a student is in a difficult situation, or unsure what to do, it's usually the case that he should never have been in that situation in the first place.

That's why I start my course with a preflop module, to eliminate all the nonsense that goes on preflop so often, and ends up costing players a lot of money postflop.
Videos list:
1) Advanced Preflop Ranges (close to GTO) (Mindset 1) (13:04min)
1.1 Preflop Charts Explanation (10:13min)


After giving you the standard preflop framework in module 1, you will now learn how to exploit many different types of players preflop, how to adjust your 3B range, and how to approach the 4B game.

You will also learn when and why it's good to deviate from the preflop ranges I gave you, and when it's not.
Videos list:
2) Adjusted / Exploitative Preflop Ranges (Mindset 2) (10:23)
2.1 When and how to adjust your opening range (10:04)
2.2 When and how to adjust your 3bet range (12:07)
2.3 When and how to adjust your 3bet calling range (12:55)
2.4 When and how to adjust your 4bet range (21:01)


Many people are confused postflop, because they start every hand postflop without a general plan for the game. They do not have a basis, a standard template on what the solid move is, if we know nothing about our opponents.

This module will give you solid postflop lines you should use as a default, and stay out of trouble regardless of who you are up against.

In this module we will also cover the important and basic poker math regarding several specific situations.
Videos list:
3) Standard Postflop Lines (Mindset 3) (06:27)
3.1 Basic and important poker math (24:20)
3.2 How to play “nuts vs nuts” situations (33:46)
3.3 How to play medium strength hands (40:18 & 45:17)
3.4 How to play weak hands (14:05 & 08:51)


Module 4 is where the real fun begins.

You will learn a lot of different ways of how to exploit and outplay your opponents postflop as the aggressor in 3-bet pots.

You will learn how to take reads, and take relevant notes (my personal biggest secret to success). You will learn what to focus on, and how to recognize the most important factors of a hand.

You will learn how to use "nonsense" lines: lines that make no sense at first sight, and nobody would believe they work. But they do. And you will learn why they work, when and how to use them, and what not to do.

You will learn when to use weird bet sizings, how to deal with frequent floaters (Have problems with people who call you postflop to take away the pot on later streets? You will learn how to pound on them mercilessly), how to bluff rivers, how to deal with flop and turn raises... And much more.
Videos list:
4) Exploiting and Outplaying People Postflop as the Aggressor (09:28)
4.1 How to get reads and take notes (38:32)
4.2 How to use non-sense lines (24:21)
4.3 How to use weird betsizing (31:15)
4.4 How to deal with frequent floaters (23:40)
4.5 When and how to bluff rivers (37:58)
4.6 Dealing with flop raises (21:04)
4.7 Dealing with turn raises (07:21)


In the final module, you will learn how to exploit and outplay your opponent as the preflop defender. We will go over many specific scenarios with practical examples.

You will see how to make very obvious bluffs, where your opponent still can't do anything about it – learn when and how to use it, and when not to use it.

How to destroy aggressive regs, who are constantly barrelling you and you feel like you're losing so much money folding to them on later streets. It takes some courage and knowledge, but you will learn how easy it is to exploit those guys.

How to "steal from the poor" – taking the easy money, the low-hanging fruits. There are certain spots where you can take people's money very easily, yet most players don't take advantage of that. You will.
Videos list:
5) Exploiting and Outplaying People Postflop as the Defender (mindset video 5) (05:41)
5.1 How to bluff in an obvious way - and still win (36:10)
5.2 Destroying Aggro Regs (29:07)
5.3 How to steal from the poor (20:51)

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After you complete the course, you will have a framework that will handle most situations.

Of course, not every exception can be taken into account – but you will have a system in place, and a way of thinking about those exceptional spots that happen from time to time.


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Gordon's Advanced 6-Max Masterclass

Step-by-step blueprint for 6-max small & midstakes.

This was the course that intermediate and advanced Coaching For Profits students followed until recently.
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