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Marvolio is back for another CFP Program!

After finishing the CFP NL HU 60k program, Bogdan will now take on the NL 6max crusher program.

We had a little interview with him to see how things are going before he starts to hit the tables as a CFP student again.


How is it going in Poker? 

Not much to say as I played only 1,5 months since I finished my first contract. I’m looking for small improvements, and to expand my knowledge with a new poker format.

How come that you joined our team at BPC again? Did you like it that much?

 I joined again BPC to continue with my first appliance for CFP, which was 6-max. I could obviously learn it by myself since now I know better how to do it, but I still consider that is faster to do it inside CFP with better tools and help from coaches. 

What was the biggest factor which convinced you to get back in?

Actually, there are 2:  

-Motivational issues.

-Better tools and environment to progress faster.


What do you expect from the second time in the program?

To become a good NL 6-max mid-stakes player in addition to the NLHU format 🙂

Tournaments he already knows how to play!

How is it going in life? What did you do in the meantime?

So much stuff, but it’s not worth mentioning; mainly had to put together things that were postponed while in was in CFP. For now, I’m starting the 2nd CFP and I’m focused again only on that.


Do you have an advice which you would give every poker player or something, what you see poker players doing wrong and you have a better tip for them?

I have no doubt that best advice is Rylan’s (Just find a good coach and do what he says).

Another one I can add is to set the right goals. Sometimes (or always) people don’t have the right goals in their minds to make them really hungry to reach it. And end up not doing everything that is possible and needed to succeed. It’s a concept that everybody thinks they understand but only a few people really get it and do it very well (I’m also not among them yet, but making progress).


Thank you for your time Bogdan, GL in your new journey!


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