Marrakesh Mania: Get Your Ticket for Poker Camp Booked Now

Grab the sunglass and sunscreen, the annual BPC Poker Camp will be held Sept. 13-16 in Marrakesh, Morocco. Once a year, BPC offers a chance for the community to meet and hang out in real life, make new friends, and have some fun. This year should be no exception.

Marrakesh is a centuries-old city offering a bustling historic vibe with beautiful architecture mixed with stunning natural views. Plenty of poker is always on tap with cash games, the annual BPC Tournament, and poker seminars offering even more insight. But Poker Camp offers so much more:

  • Crank up a jet-ski and blast across the water.
  • Jump on a four-wheeler (quad) and race across the desert.
  • Race some friends in the go-kart races.
  • Grab your weapon and shoot it out in paintball battles.

Another highlight is the finishers’ ceremony, which recognizes players’ hard work and they are presented with their trophies. The event also serves as inspiration for many in attendance. The entire three-day experience allows players to meet the BPC team, coaches, finishers, and fellow players. What some more insight into what goes on? Here’s a look at the last two poker camps – exotic locations, poker, and activities and fun you won’t forget.


Cannes 2017

This historic French city plays host to international celebrities and film stars each year as part of its popular film festival. In 2017, it also played host to a festival of a different kind when BPC players, coaches, and team members from around the world converged on the French Riviera for some fun, camaraderie, and poker.

The crystal cool waters of the Mediterranean hosted plenty of BPC fun and those attending soaked in picturesque views, fine dining, and great service at the the White House Cannes resort. Players basked in luxury – from the top-notch rooms and suites to the pool scene to the manicured grounds. The pool offered brilliant seaside views and was a popular spot throughout camp.

Of course in France, the champagne was popping as players ate, drank, and lived it up. Players received their own BPC polo shirt with each player’s name on his shirt. There was also plenty of poker on the veranda overlooking the sea below. Numerous BPC regulars got in on the action: Gordon, Lateralus, Janez, Lauri, Nubson, Jan, Atvars, Danel, Rylan, and numerous others. Nico “Xxnick12xx” and Tomas “Maestro” enjoyed  volleyball in the garden after arriving.

A visit to an escape room was just on of the of the fun activities as part of camp. In teams of five, they had to solve some puzzles, find keys, work as a team, find out the truth, and escape within one hour. Some of the locations teams had to escape include:

  • Prison – while hiding from a guard.
  • Nikola Tesla – Finding his last invention.
  • Mr. Fox which – disarming a bomb  through detective work.

In Paintball Valley, players donned their camouflage and took aim. Players crawled, hid, and ducked to take a shots at their opponents – paint splattering with each pull of the trigger. There was then time for beer and more poker with Sonja winning the BPC tournament.


If all that weren’t enough, BPC Cannes featured the annual Award Ceremony which recognized finisher, top performers, and some special awards thrown in. Players didn’t want the fun to end, but made plans for the next year.


Malta 2016

Spectacular scenery, a great pool scene, and plenty of partying and poker were just a few of the activities on the agenda for BPC Malta. The weather was perfect and the five-star Hilton Hotel and Resort. Players partied among the palm trees by the pool, taking a dip here or there to cool off, and also hit the bar for some drinks with other BPC friends. There would be plenty of this throughout the camp.


There were plenty of ballers in the house at this camp. Day 1 started with the exclusive Baller Conference offering the “inside secrets” on how to apply the same lessons learned by BPC into one’s life. Many were in attendance and took in some great information.

The next day brought the big “How to Crush Life After Poker” conference. BPC coaches got into more details, starting from situation today, going through the attitude needed, the skills, the language used, and much more. Players brought back with them a 100 percent action plan and ready to go – all in the BPC “no BS style.”


At night, the whole crew headed to the Portomaso Casino to do some gambling and for even more fun. The action started with the BPC poker tournament – a favorite annual tradition. One thing is certain about a BPC tournament, there won’t be many fishes at the tables. Plenty of drinks were served as players chatted and joked, having a great time while the cards became secondary for a bit. There were even a few drinking games.


The next day it was off for some go-kart racing. Drivers tested their stamina and skills behind the wheel, racing past others and navigating each turn. The speed limit and traffic laws were definitely not followed with Danel and Jan both crashing into the tire barriers. When the checkered flag came out, it was Atvars coming out as the overall winner. He collected his trophy, complete with the spraying some champagne in celebration from the winners pedestal just like at a big Formula One race.

There was plenty of fun had by all and everyone was ready for the next year’s events. Players concluded the camp with the Awards Ceremony. Program finishers and other winners took home some hardware for their efforts. Rylan even took home two trophies after finishing two programs in record time, NL HU Soldier and PLO HU Elite. It was a great nice out and one not to forget.

Not quite finished, players closed out the last night with a friendly arm wrestling competition – celebrating a win and even a loss as the booze kept flowing. While many improved their game from the camp, they also have plenty of memories from all the fun they had and friends they made.


Get in on the Action – Marrakesh

It’s not too late to book your ticket to Marrakesh. More fun is planned for this year and make plans now so you don’t miss out on anything. What’s another cool thing about this trip? BPC has the entire hotel for all three nights – from the suites and rooms to the pool to the lounge to the bar. Hang out and relax with friends. The camp ends with a night of fine dining to get things started off on the right note.

But there’s even more, student who attend will receive additional poker training from experts on hand including two additional seminars:

  • How to Become a Poker Millionaire – Learn from experts on how to get their with specific strategies and goals to get there.
  • How to Crush Life After Poker – Once you reach that ultimate level of success, this course teaches students how to stay there and ensure a great future.

The price includes the full three nights’ stay at the exquisite Riad Al Rimal hotel, entry to all BPC Events, a daily breakfast, and the final dinner. Don’t miss out – make it to Marrakesh. To book or for more information, CLICK HERE. Don’t wait, space is filling up fast!

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