Maestro finished our poker coaching program 60k!

“Maestro” aka Tomas finished his €60k poker coaching program as part of our HU soldier team with his session yesterday!


You can check his blog HERE.

And his first youtube video:


Check his overall graph since he joined our team:

In December he had a monster month, winning over €11k (both graphs below are from December):

We already had asked him some questions in this post about his best monthBut today we want to know more about him and his path to success. We want to know what helped him at BPC and which advice he would give to others.


How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing?
I used to play Call of duty 4 and biggest Czech clan once made some deal with Pokerstars. So members of the forum could play private tournament with a prize pool of 50 USD.
I played like 3 of these tournaments and once I won $1,47. I started playing nl2 and miraculously I won something.
I started reading articles about poker and was really fascinated by the game and the fact you can make money just by playing cards. I never deposited my own money.
How did BPC help you to improve your game? 
BPC definitely helped me with strategy. However, my biggest problems were with discipline and motivation. 

How did the Coaching for profits (CFP) program help you?

Before CFP my motivation was swingy. One day I played a lot and then next two days I didn’t play at all.
I had big dreams but I didn’t put enough work into making them reality.  I always wanted to be a productive person and I didn’t understand why my productivity is so swingy.  
I learned how to keep focusing on important things and understand motivation. I learned how to be motivated most of the time and push myself even if I am not. Especially M1ndcntrl was of big help.
Where do you actually live right now? You are traveling, right? 
Yeah, I left college at the end of February and since that I live in Asia. First Thailand, after that Cambodia, now Malaysia.

Cambodia: “I was chosen from audience to be part of their show. 😀

Now I will go back to Europe for BPC Camp on Malta and after that, I will decide where I will live.
I really like this nomad life style. I want to continue to live 1-3 months in one place and then move to another place.
My biggest inspiration from BPC community was “Illidek”. When I first found his blog I was totally broke and I totally loved his lifestyle. 1,5 year later I live the same way as he does. 

Thailand from left Jair, kingreigns, Maestro

What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?
I have my goals written and I look at them every morning. So I remind myself every morning what is important for me.
Also very important is to keep growing as a person and poker player. Growing is what will keep your passion going.
I remember that often when I was winning a lot it was less enjoyable for me to play than when I was losing. I stopped learning new stuff because I thought I know everything I need to know.
If you stop growing you start dying. Growing is one of the main keys to happiness. People who constantly challenge themselves are much happier than people who are just passive. 

Was there a moment or a hand in poker, which were special for you?

Not many. In cash games, you usually forget next day everything that happened previous day. Although I still remember till this day this hand. It was in my first year of playing poker. 
Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders?
Have an exact vision of your future written somewhere and look at it every day. Otherwise, it is easy to slip out and become comfortable.
Beside that what really helps me is to use negative motivation. For example, I put goals of hours that I want to play that month and If I don´t make it I will pay money to somebody.
That way I have no choice. Learn new stuff every day that way you cultivate your passion and poker won´t become just your job but the thing you love to do.
Lastly be around people who have goals, dreams, vision and are willing to work for it. I think this is a big strength of the BPC community of people who have all these things and support each other.
If you could suggest only 1 thing for poker players to improve their game, what would it be?
Table selection. That was my big problem before CFP. I thought I can beat anybody. If you can´t make money by playing against fishes than don´t try beat regs.
This is just great! Thanks for your time and big congrats! 


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