Maestro is back for a new CFP Program.

Don’t you know who Maestro is? His name is Tomas, he is Czech and he is a CFP NLHU Soldier 60k finisher.

He is about to start the CFP 6-max Crusher program now. We had a little interview to see how he’s doing.


How is it going in Poker?

Poker is going great!

How come that you joined our team at BPC again? Did you like it that much?

I feel that my game is stagnated for some time now. So I was looking on how to get my game to the next level. A few days ago I got an offer from Jan (Somebody), that I could join the 6-max program and continue playing heads up. I took some time to think about that. I ended up deciding to join because I had a great experience in the CFP heads up program, also I see there are great coaches in 6-max program.


What was the biggest factor which convinced you to get back in?

The great coaches that are part of the BPC team, the special deal I got because I have already finished CFP HU program and the opportunity to learn another poker format.


What do you expect from the second time in the program?

I expect to become a beast in 6max and beat mid to high stakes. I also think this experience will help me become better at heads up, because in heads up you can choose the opponent you want to play, but in 6max you usually 1 one or 2 recreational players at the table and the rest are solid. So you need to learn how to beat the “solid” guys. If you learn how to beat the solid guys in 6max, you can also beat them in heads up.


How is it going in life?

Life is going amazing! 2016 has been the best year ever! Everything changed completely. I’m living the dream! I have a job that love, I’m traveling the world, having new experiences and meeting new people.


You were traveling a lot, right? Where have you been, in which countries and places?

I have never traveled as much as I traveled this year. I have been on 3 continents and 7 countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Malta, Poland, Costa Rica). In two days I am moving to Colombia with two days stop in Panama. It’s really great not to be in the cold winter in the Czech Republic, but in a hot and nice Central/South America weather instead. Enjoying the sun, beaches, surfing, learning spanish…

What are your tips for traveling poker players? Is there something particularly important one should do when planning to follow your example and also become a traveling poker player?

The first mistake we made in Thailand was trying to find some cheap place to stay in. If you’re going to stay somewhere for not too long (up to 3month), just find something you like in Airbnb.  You may pay a little extra, but you don’t need to waste time trying to find a place to save 50 bucks per month like we did. If you spend that time playing, you will make much more.

Here in Costa Rica, we have our own chef in the house. One of the best investments we could have made. We don´t have to waste time and energy going to grocery store, cooking and cleaning dishes. The price is same as if we’re going to a restaurant. So I can spend the time saved either playing more or doing something that I like to do.

So my tip is to do things that are important to you or that you enjoy doing. For things you don´t like to do or that are not important, find somebody else to do it for you. There are plenty of people who will be happy to work for you. That way you can become better at things that matters and you don’t need to waste time and energy on things that doesn’t matter that much.


Thanks a lot for your time Tomas! GL in the new program!

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