“That was the time, when I understood how much money I was losing before joining BPC! “

Loris was inspired when he heard about Hans the great making all that money at the tables. He did not have to think twice and joined our coaching for profits program. Meet Loris:

How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing?
Something like 2 years ago I met a person doing the election ballots of my little town. We became friends and he told me that he plays poker so I started taking every day to him because I was curious and interested.
You know what?  He was grinding something like 15 tables at NL 2 on Pokerstars and I was like “What is this guy doing?” for the first weeks. Then I understood some basic concepts and I really wanted to give it a shot at this card game. So I deposited 20 euros in poker site and lost everything in about 5 days.
No problems I started playing free-rolls and I managed to get 3rd in 500€GTD for €20. From that moment I grinded NL2 for a couple of months and even overtook my friend. I decided to start playing for a living because I saw that it was possible to make a lot of money. I even dropped university to have more time to study and play.
Why did you join BPC?
After one year of bad playing and managing to get some money from rakeback I arrived at NL 25 but I couldn’t beat it. It looked like I was losing money in too many spots… (like the most stupid but most important of all: table selection).
So I hired a coach but I really didn’t like his game. I thought it was too passive (but I was wrong, he was a good coach. I was just too stubborn to understand the pros of his game). Then I read about this “HansTheGreat” guy. I was thinking “Why the fuck this guy should make all this money, with a RED LINE GOING WILD? And I’m still here making 200€ per month when everything went well?”
Without thinking twice I applied for the CFP 6-max Crusher program and after 2 months of studying I had my first 1.5 k euros month… AND IT’S STILL NOTHING!!! 10 days ago I moved up to NL50 and it isn’t going like I thought… I have to study more to get where I want to be…NL1000!!
How did BPC help you to improve your game?
BPC thought me that overthinking is bad! That simple math is 100% of poker and that if you don’t give all your effort you will never know how much are you worth.. in any field of life.
Where do you live and how is it to live there and what do you like a lot about it? 
I live in a little town near Naples, in Italy. Living here has a lot of pros and cons: There is a lot of ignorance, people think about showing off instead of being better people. There are not many employment and business opportunities. But the country is beautiful and if you look closely enough you can find spectacular natural parks. The food is perfect, and the girls are the icing on the cake. The BIGGEST problem is the small number of good poker rooms with decent traffic.


What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?
I’m still not at NL1000!!!! 
Can you recall a special moment or hand in poker, which was meaningful for you during your time in BPC?
Well, it’s hard to say because every day I am improving and making some nice bluff-catches and really good value extractions. Let’s just say that a meaningful hand for me was the first time, when I checked back my AJo after getting called on a paired two-tone flop and decided to bluff catch the river. That was the time when I understood how much money I was losing before joining BPC! 
Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders?
Follow BPC guidelines and grind as much as you can, especially if you are in the micros! You can get away from that, it’s not impossible. I made it in one year before joining BPC and I was playing really badly. You are here now, JUST DO IT!!
If you could give 1 advice to your other players, what would that be?
The most important thing is FOCUS! What I lacked when I joined BPC was a good preparation pre-session and the fact that I was easily distracted by Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and shit like that. So close all of that and just give your maximum at the tables!!
It is not hard to do it for 2 hours, then take a half an hour break to eat, to do the things you need to do and then GO AND GET YOUR MONEY! You have to FOCUS on that!! Nothing else!
This is a meritocratic job, you won’t become or overcome HansTheGreat if you don’t put all your efforts in what you are doing!
Thank you, Loris! GL at the tables!

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