I want to make a lot of money in the next few years, so I can retire.

Today we will meet one of our successful members of the BPC 6max Crusher program. Let me introduce you to Leandro aka “LeandroOS”:


When and why did you start playing poker?

I started playing poker in high school, 10, 11 years ago. Back then I would skip classes and even tests to play for coins. Right at the same time, I started playing online, first with play money. Then I played some freerolls, won some cents, and have been playing professionally ever since.


Why did you join BPC?

I’ve been playing professionally for a long time now, almost 9 years, and always made some money, but nothing big. When I saw the coaching for profits program and other player’s story, I almost snap joined. I want to make a lot of money in the next few years, so I can retire and invest money in something else, and BPC is definitely the place where I can learn things and achieve that.


How would you describe your experience in the program in general?

The program is awesome. I’ve been learning a lot about poker strategy and also the correct mindset, that has been one of my biggest leaks throughout the years. My results are still not as close as what I want them to be, but I know they will catch up very soon.

Where do live right now and how is it for you to live there?

I live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It’s a very cool city with a lot of things to do, especially if you like bars, beer, and food. Plus all my friends and family live here.


How do you spend time outside of poker? 

On my free time, I enjoy playing football with my friends, and my girlfriend is teaching me how to play tennis. I also enjoy exploring the city and other nearby cities with her.


Do you have tips or advice for others?

I look at my goals, in the long run, to motivate myself, on the daily basis I just follow my schedule and play and study as much as I can. For anyone new to the program, just do your stuff, do your homework, go through the chapters. I can say for what I’m getting right now, you’ll get every tool you need to succeed if you apply it yourself hard enough!


Leandro does not have to look back. Good luck and continue with your journey to success!

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16 replies
  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Leandro, tudo bem? Moro no Rio de Janeiro, tenho inglês fluente é tenho muito interesse em fazer o curso, mas antes queria trocar uma ideia com você… Pode me mandar um e-mail, ou nlme enviar seu email ou Facebook, por favor?
    Desde já muito obrigado! Abs e gl

    • LeandroOS
      LeandroOS says:

      Aprender algo novo sempre compensa! Pode demorar um pouco mais, já que você terá que aprender as terminologias que usamos, mas o curso, no geral, é bem fácil de aprender. O sistema passo a passo que ensinamos é muito efetivo. Então, sim, vale a pena! E muito!

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