Lateralus is done!

Alex “Lateralus” -now former- NL 6-max Crusher student and NL 6-max Micro coach, finished his €30k Coaching for Profits contract! 


Funny thing is that 50% of his winnings came in less than 2 months time period!


Final graph.

We had a little interview with him right after he finished:

What is the biggest difference from the player you were before starting CFP, and the player you are now?

Well, before CFP I was a recreational break-even micro player. Now I am beating games up to NL200.

Has coaching the students in the NL 6-max Micro course helped you in your overall game? If so, how much?

Even tho I am teaching students basic and beginner poker strategy, it did help me in my own game, I observe spots deeper and in a different perspective.
I’m also able to spot leaks better and faster now.
You reached 50% of your profits in less than 2 months, what changed in your game that helped you achieve that?
I can easily say that the biggest influence was the Poker Camp in Malta.
As soon as I was able to put in enough hours at the tables, it just happened.
I believe I picked up winning attitude and mindset.

Lateralus last 100k hands.

What are the most important things that you learned?
Most important thing I’ve learned while in CFP is obviously winning poker strategy, how to make the best possible decision based on the available information/reads. My mindset is a lot stronger now as well.
What someone that is just starting the program should do in order to finish it as soon as possible?
Just listen and do what your coaches say. Don’t think that you are smarter or that doing something else is better. Just shut up, listen and do it. Nothing else.
It cost me a lot of time (and money) because I thought I knew better and if I had done things in the right way from the start, I would have finished the contract a lot sooner.
How did you like the structure, material and the coaching sessions of the program?
I am very satisfied with all learning materials, everything is very well structured and organized. Of course, there is always room for improvement 😉
What was the most valuable lesson/experience you took from the Poker Camp in Malta?
Like I said, picking up winning attitude and mindset. It was great to hang around with other poker professionals who are making 10k-50k monthly, talk to them and listen to their tips/advice.
Also, it was very interesting the presentation about life in general, poker economy and investing.

Asking a question in the Poker Seminar in Malta.

What are your plans for the future poker-wise and also in your personal life or other plans?
I am just going to continue with the grind and make as much money as possible and hopefully reach higher stakes online.
Regarding life, I am seriously considering traveling around the world. I have never been much of “traveler” but I will try and see how it suits me.
Congratulations Alex! I hope you continue crushing at the tables and hitting those 10k months!



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  1. Scott Rodgers
    Scott Rodgers says:

    I payed €7 for the starter pack, nb 6-max is on my wall pre flop strategies… and the post flop is in a binder, excellent value for money, good content. I payed €7 for the ‘post flop engine’ from Doug Polk and upswing poker and feel ripped off nowhere near as useful as the Bpc starter pack. Anyway congratulations on finishing and hopefully I’ll be at the next bpc meet up having completed my contract in a record time, with a record week and a record day lol. Congrats again

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