Julian “HealTheWorld” results in the 2017 SCOOP

Last week we showed Ben’s results in the 2017 SCOOP.

Now that the series is over, we can also share with you the results of the other coach in the MTT Coaching for Profits program.

Julian “HealTheWorld” reached two big final tables in this series, both in high events.

In the SCOOp-49-H: $2.100 NLHE [6-Max] event with $500k guaranteed, he finished in 6th place and won $28.050.


And in the SCOOp-41-H: $5.200 NLHE [8-Max] event with $1M guaranteed, he finished in 4th place, winning $103.600.


These are really impressive results! Congratulations Julian!

We saw Ben’s results last week and thought the students in the MTT program were lucky, but they are actually even luckier! They have two of the best MTT players in the World as their coaches!


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