Juan Pablo is Done

Juan Pablo is the newest CFP finisher!

He finished his 5k NLHU Starter contract this week. Congratulations!

But he didn’t start as a NLHU student. He started in the 6-max program, but that wasn’t for him. It was a good choice switching programs!

Graph before and after switching programs.

We talked to him for a finisher interview, so here it is:


What is the biggest difference from before joining CFP to now?

My game is more solid now, I have a good strategy, I’m not guessing on every hand like before. 

I used to have tilt issues and had no discipline Both problems are gone, I have a completely different mindset.

juan pablo
HU hands, rakeback and bonus excluded.

Which 3 things did you learn?

I have learned how to think in the long term, to be patient and how to survive downswings. Patience always wins!


Who was your favorite coach? The one that had the most influence on your game?

Most of my sessions were with JurassicDaniel, he was very nice in every session and I like that he doesn’t give the answer directly, he teaches how to think.

M1ndctrl gave me great tips about mindset at some meetings as well.


What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?

They should do what BPC says, their strategy works but you have to do it, no excuses.

Patience brings good results!


How do you like the structure, material and the coaching sessions of the program?

I like everything about BPC, the material is exactly what I needed, a step by step system, simple enough and every was topic direct to the point, no bullshit.


Now that you’re finished, what are your plans for the future poker-wise?

I have a big challenge now. I need to see if I’m capable of keeping disciplined without BPC and no coaching looking after me.

Also, I want like to progress and play higher stakes going and move to the NLHU Soldier problem or learn another format to mix with HU. 

Many options! I’m not sure about what I’m going to do yet…


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