“Join the CFP program. If you already have, then follow EXACTLY what they say.”

Please, let me introduce you to Michael from Sweden, who can now without problems put in 40 hours and more per week at the tables and enjoys it now so much to being able to put his opponent on a range, especially when he wins at the end.

How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing?
A high school friend of mine introduced me to poker – specifically online SNGs and MTTs. In 2012 I deposited $50 and managed to win a tournament getting pretty lucky. I used my winnings to buy all sorts of poker software like SNG Wiz, PT4 and poker books.
Poker started off as a hobby to get my mind away from work and then it started contributing to a nice little side income. In 2014 I made the switch to full ring cash games. I love how it’s such a simple game to learn but there are so many levels to it.
When did you join our team at BPC?
I joined BPC in May 2016. Before this, I had been playing full ring cash games at NL10 and had taken a shot at NL25 where I was breakeven. I moved back down to NL10 and realized I have so many fundamental leaks. Despite being a winning player at NL10 I didn’t even have the basics down. This is when I found BPC.

I bought No Bullshit 6-max, watched all the videos, and tried foolishly to apply it to NL10 full ring. That obviously did not work too well. I decided to take a step back, switch to 6-max, and overhaul everything I had learned as “right” before joining BPC.   


How did BPC help you to improve your game?

I was pretty lazy when it came to playing and now I can whip in 40+ hours a week at the tables. The rankings BPC has set up for each course is also excellent in helping to see things like how are others in the group doing? What do I have to do to be amongst the top?

The standard lines are also key in saving me when I get lost in a hand. My decisions are more consistent. The coaching and videos are amazing and I have learned so much in understanding what the reasons are behind certain actions. I have also improved putting my opponent on a range by giving them specific hands. 

 Where do you live and how is it to live there? What do you like most?
I currently live in a small coastal town called Landskrona in Sweden. It’s really quiet and there is a lot of greenery. I love the ability to step out of the door and within 5 minutes be walking through parks and along the seaside. Also just sitting on my balcony and looking over the rooftops helps to clear my mind after a rough grind.
 What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?
I have to succeed. Every day I look at a list of things that I want to do. I look at photos of the house my wife and I want, at the cities and the countries we want to visit. I picture us at these locations and I know that to make this a reality I have to put the hours at the tables.
Can you recall a special moment or hand in poker, which was memorable for you?
Recently I don’t have a specific hand but since joining BPC there have been more hands where I would just “know” what an opponent has. That moment when the opponent shows the hand you said out loud. Priceless (especially if it is the hand you beat).
Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders? 

Mindset. Oh and Don’t be lazy! Set a routine and stick to it!

Have photos of what you want and pin them up on the wall next to your monitor. Have the reason for why you play constantly in your face and you will find it hard not to keep fighting for it.

What should you never do, if you want to win in poker?
Never ever give up and never break the rules you have set for yourself. Stay disciplined.
If there is one thing, only one thing you could suggest for poker players to improve their game, what would it be?
Join the CFP program. If you already have, then follow EXACTLY what they say.
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