Meet Jan Somebody: From HU student to HU coach at BPC

He started with BPC as an HU student and had become an HU coach in our team as well. His story is a huge success and we are happy to have him on board to support our team. You can check his blog HERE.

Up until now, he grinded from Slovenia, mostly either in Postojna or Ljubljana. But soon he is going to travel the Asia and Australia and will move to Thailand in September, so right after the seminar.

So do not miss out to come to Malta and meet Jan and the rest of the team in real life. But now meet Jan in the following interview!

How are you doing in general and at the poker tables?
I’m doing great, every month there is something new and exciting.
Summer has such a big positive effect on me. I’m way more productive and I can still somehow manage to get to all those cool parties, places and different meetings with awesome people.
After this month I’m going to live in Thailand with a couple of close poker friends so due to all organization things I’m not able to hit poker tables as hard as I would want to 😉
When did you actually start playing poker?
I started on the bottom with FREEROLLS. Wasn’t good at it, but I managed to get some coins from them.
I decided to test “REAL POKER” and I invested in some 0,10 cents MTTS on Pokerstars around 5 years ago. Mostly for fun and to give myself a shoot to convince others and me that it’s possible to earn some money from poker.
It went well and I started to play as a hobby on 1,5$ SNGs: 9max, 6max and finally I figured it out that I really love Heads Up. I moved up in stakes and I decided to give a shoot to HU cash games. I felt that there are the big bucks for me. And I was right.
What do you like most about being a coach for BPC? And in general how is it for you to be coach? What do you like most about that?
Every time when I coach someone I can associate him with my progress while I was in BPC. It fills me with joy and happiness when I see how the guys are constantly improving and reaching their dreams like true bosses of their own life.
On each stage, there are some doubts, leaks, problems or BS excuses!!! I try to do my best to help them surpass all obstacles and put them each time one level higher.


How is for me to be a coach? I’m really satisfied because I have the option to work only with the hardest working mfuckeeer* who put at least 50h each weak!
I have no doubt in those kids! That is the way I get challenged all the time in coaching and I freaking love challenges!
You live in Postojna, right? What do you like about it and how is it to live there?
I’m from Postojna but I mainly lived in Ljubljana due to college in the last couple of years. I always love to come to Postojna when it’s time to work really hard.
I had periods when things weren’t so easy but I always got through them in that place. It’s perfect for grinding without too many distractions 😉
 What are your plans for the future in general and in poker?
Be the best version of myself.  
How do you motivate yourself to put in the hours at the tables?
I’ll have a speech in Malta about that, welcome to join and hear some of my tricks 😉
If there is only one thing you can give as advice to your students, which one would you give?
Stop fooling yourself and be more critical about yourself. 



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