Slovenia is back: Jan “Somebody” Lakota wins the September CFP Leaderboard

He finally made it. Mister “2nd place” finally won the CFP leaderboard. Congratulations!

One week ago the race was very close. But then Jan decided to launch his turbo while the others almost decided to not make more profits. 13955 Euro is his record month.
[  ] 14k Euro profits
[x] “Somebody” happy
[x] BPC happy

Here is Jan’s review from Dubrovnik a couple months ago. Big shout out to his favorite coach Rovar, who had a great part in his progress.

Overall September report:

There is a real change of generations happening at the moment. For a couple of months, we have not allowed new players into the system. This means there is a gap between big winners and newcomers. The current generation finishes and drops out of the CFP program. Others will have to close that gap. We have a lot of great new talents on board.

Best Newcomers for September:

This title definitely goes to the players Sigil “Knelse” and Danny “Danxity” who both made around 4k Euro in profits. I (Gordon) remember personally how I screamed at Danxity just 2-3 months ago at micro stakes what a stupid donk he is for making a certain play. He took it like a champ and improved quite a lot! Dan “KKballer” and Tomas “Maestro” also showed big improvements, but they’re not newcomers.

Who are the favorites to win the leaderboard in October:

Somebody, Nubson, Goodfake, and Atvars are definitely the big favorites for October. I would not be surprised at all tho to see a completely new name showing up.
Atvars is close to finishing CFP and become the NEW RECORD HOLDER for the fastest CFP finisher. The old record holder Rylan will then have his title changed to record HU finisher. But, as the Germans say “don’t praise the day before the evening”.

1) Who is your favorite to win October?
2) Can Atvars become the new CFP record finisher?
3) Who will be the newcomer in October?

Let us know your opinion!


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