Interview with competitive CFP student “Diezereine”

Diezereine started the Coaching For Profits program in January 2015. The semi-professional football player from Germany is very competitive in every aspect of life. Now he is focusing on a full-time poker career. He thinks the CFP program is a great place to learn all about the essential fundamentals for a successful (poker)life.


Can you give us a short introduction about yourself and your poker background?

Hey, I’m Diezereine, I’m 30 years old and I play poker professionally since 2007. First I started playing fixed limit. It’s a form of limit poker and calculating equity is the most important factor in that game. It’s also less exciting than no limit poker. But back in the days, when the poker boom started in Germany I could make a lot of money as not many people were disciplined, I would buy in for $2500 and play up to blind limits of $50 and $100.


So you already play poker professionally since 2007. When did you decide to switch to no limit poker?

Nowadays nobody plays limit poker anymore in Germany, so I had to switch to no limit poker in 2012. I have to earn money with this game, I mean it’s my job.

So why did you decide to join the Coaching for Profits program in January 2015?


As I didn’t earn enough with no limit poker I started to look at poker forums. I wanted to become a better poker player. On I found videos from poker coach “Raskolnikov” (Gordon Gekko), which lead me to First I bought a few courses and this improved my game a lot. In 2014 I got an e-mail from Gordon about the Coaching For Profits program, so I signed up.

I want to be successful in every aspect of life, and that includes poker. Taking a coach is a very good opportunity. I get coached by a person who knows how to make money at this game, so this way I can develop good fundamentals for a better poker career. I believe this program helps me grow as a poker player, but also as a person in general.


So since January 2015, you are part of CFP! Did you improve already as a poker player?

Yes, of course, I improved as a poker player. I started at NL25 and now I’m a breakeven player at NL100. It’s tougher than I imagined, but even after a losing session I will never give up and try again. I like competition, I’m very competitive. My goal is to become the best poker player out there!


You also have a competitive background, as I heard you play football…

Yes, I’m a semi-professional football player in Germany. I’m a goalkeeper in the fourth league in Germany. Both football and poker have the competition factor; you can compete with others and become the best.


Football and poker are great sports! Do you have more things going on in your life?

Of course, I still have a social life for example. I’m going to get married in July. My wife accepted my poker career and supports me. We were together before poker began. She knows how it works and how hard it could be.

I also met with Iron two times now. He lives close by. I watched him in the theater. He’s going back to Austria the next 3 weeks.


Congratulations on your coming wedding! You and your future wife plan to stay in Germany?

Yes, I’m not planning to leave Germany at the moment. The poker regulations are also unclear; nobody can explain exactly how it works. I don’t have any reason to move at the moment.


Why do you call yourself Diezereine?

It was a running gag between my friends and me. You try to describe a person, but the person doesn’t exist because the description is like: “do you know the guy with the shoes”. It’s a nonsense description because everybody got shoes. When we were 16-17 years old, I took this name.


Do you have any specific things you want to share with the community? Why should we join the Coaching for Profits program?

From my experience, I have an organization leak. I’m not lazy or something but I’m just not perfectly organized. In Coaching for Profits, you have to discipline yourself and never give up. I found a way to better organize my poker, my life and I keep developing myself.


You didn’t want to do the interview at first. Is there a specific reason you wanted to stay anonymous?

No, there is no specific reason, but I’m not sure if I want to be a known poker player. I’m not really the person who always tries to be the center of attention and I don’t need all the eyes pointed at me. I do this for the money. This is a competition with myself and not for other people, or to show other people what type of guy I am. I like to stay humble.



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