Interview: meet our creative student & coach Janez

From the sunny island of Malta, our CFP student and coach Janez shares his insights on poker and our Coaching For Profits program. The 35-year-old grinder from Slovenia is playing professional poker for 4 years now and explains; poker is a great way to make a living. Read the full interview below or find out more about his poker adventures on his blog HERE.


Hi Janez, can you first give us a short introduction about yourself and your poker background?

A few years back I was translating shows and movies for Slovene TV.  One day I got a series of Party Poker Premier League to translate, and that’s basically how my involvement with poker started. I opened an account on Party Poker and started playing sit’n’gos, following »ABC Harrington« style. I did pretty well, and a couple of years later I quit my translating job temporarily, to see if I can pay the bills with poker. So far, so good – 4 years later I’m still playing, and the bills are still being paid!


When did you decide to take the step of becoming a professional player and why did you join CFP?

I joined CFP because I got the feeling that I’m stagnating in my poker development. I was paying the bills but wanted to achieve more satisfaction from the whole thing. The thing that bothered me the most is that I felt I’m not doing it 100%, but very casually. So I decided to get some help with that and entered CFP.


You are from Slovenia but you currently live in Malta. Why did you move and are you planning to stay in Malta?

I moved here for the sun and the sea. Very simple. Malta is the sunniest country in Europe, and it’s summer here pretty much half of the year. I’m not a winter guy, I don’t like the wet, cold and gray days, so I got on a plane and changed my surroundings. I don’t plan to stay here for a very long time, but of course, you never know what the future brings.


What’s the best aspect of playing poker for a living?

I like the competition, and also the strategic thinking is very interesting to me… Just kidding! The best part is the easy money, of course, otherwise, I would join a local chess club.


Why should others join the CFP program? What is the most valuable aspect you learned during the program so far?

The important lesson for me is the professional approach to poker. It’s not just about which hands to 3Bet with, that’s far down the list of priorities. I used to spend too much time on irrelevant theoretical issues. Now I don’t think about GTO anymore. I have a different question in my mind – how can you extract the most money from the poker economy? There are different ways, for different people. But for the most part, it’s pretty simple stuff. There are no books about it because people don’t want to tell you about it, and why would they? But you can join CFP, and find out – for a share of your profits.


Can you give us some more info about your job at BPC and transforming from student to coach?

BPC is a pretty open place, people willing to put in the work and pursue other positions can easily find their way here. For me, it happened naturally. One day I was simply asked if I wanted to take on a couple of guys to help out with the new students, and I said OK. Now I also help out with some organizational aspects at BPC. As for my goals in poker, I hate to be so ABC about it, but I just want to make nice money from poker, and that’s pretty much it.


What does your family/friends/girlfriend think about your decision to become a pro? Do they support you?

I don’t really know, I never particularly asked anybody about their opinion on it. I guess some like it, some think it’s cool, some don’t get it, and some don’t care about it at all. When I met my girl, I was already a poker pro, so obviously she didn’t mind.


You have the most creative videos of all students. Can you tell us a bit more about this part of the CFP program? Is making videos a passion?

No, my first video was for CFP, I never made any videos before. I’m a creative guy in general, so when I started doing it, I just started playing around with different options, and what if I put this here, and that there, and so on. And that’s how I was making them, it was a lot of fun. Now I don’t have the time to make them like that anymore, so I keep it much more simple.


Can you share something funny with our readers: (video, picture, quote, anything that comes up in your mind)

Well, since we were just talking about it – here’s the first video I made for BPC, I think it turned out pretty funny… 



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