Interview: Become a Pot Limit Omaha professional with Poker Coach John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez.

Meet John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez, WSOP champion, professional PLO cash game player and founder of coaching platform John has worked with successful students like Jurek “Alien Slayer,” Adrian Buckley and Chance Kornuth, making him one of the leading online PLO coaches in 2015 out there.

We can proudly announce that and put their hands together and we are going to offer students a new PLO Coaching For Profits deal.

Read the interview with John below and apply for the PLO Coaching For Profits Program HERE!

Hi John, thank you for your time! Can you first tell us a bit more about yourself and your poker background?

My name is John Beauprez and I’ve been playing Pot Limit Omaha professionally since 2008. I’m the founder and lead instructor of PLO QuickPro. I’ve coached over 300 students in PLO. Also, hundreds of students purchase my PLO products to improve their PLO game.

Why did you choose to develop yourself specifically in PLO?

When I started playing PLO I was still working night shifts in the hospital. I had a few very successful high stakes friends and I was envying them, because of their position. They were traveling the world and making a lot of money. So, I threw everything I had into learning PLO.

Most people learn poker by playing No Limit Holdem, but I saw PLO as the game of the future. When I started I also thought I had a bigger chance of succeeding at PLO than No Limit Holdem.

I do think PLO is growing in popularity these days. There is more action on the highest stakes playing PLO. I personally like PLO better than No Limit Holdem because I simply think it’s more fun. It’s most important to enjoy what you do. In PLO there is a lot more post-flop maneuvering than in Holdem. I also find there is a lot of unmarked territory in PLO. It’s nice to believe that the game isn’t really solved yet.

What’s the biggest difference between PLO and Holdem?

I think post-flop is a very different game. They say Holdem is a very ‘polarized’ game and PLO is a very ‘merged’ game. This means PLO is more about calculating equities for correctly stacking off in 3bet pots and Holdem is more about ‘does he have it or does he have it not’ and ‘understanding frequencies.’

I see you’ve got a lot of experience: over $700k in poker winnings, your own coaching platform and on top of that you won a bracelet at the WSOP. Congratulations. Can you tell us a bit more about winning the WSOP bracelet.

Yeah, that’s right. I won a bracelet in 2013 playing No Limit Holdem. The day I won that event, it was everything you would imagine. It was like a dream. You think of all of the grinding work that you’ve done to improve your game and you finally win the bracelet.

I mean, you think about all the ups and downs in poker—it’s kind of a lonely game in some ways—when you lose there is no one there to lift you up. Yes, when you win you have friends. But in general, the life of a grinder is kind of lonely.

So when you get a big win like that, it’s some sort of reflection point. You look back at all the effort you put into this game and it ends up being worth it! It’s awesome!


So as a player you are very successful. How did you get into the coaching business?

When I started my PLO career I had a problem. I got overwhelmed with videos and books and I had to find out my own learning system. I absorbed all this information but wasn’t sure which instructor was right. One coach told me to 3bet AJ98 with a suit and another coach would tell me to flat. And I didn’t really know why.

I think one of the biggest flaws with the current training sites is that they don’t really give you a curriculum or path to learn from ground zero, all the way to playing for a living.

This limitation was the birth point to start my own coaching platform for players who are in the same position I was back then. I put together a clear learning system and it has helped a lot of students.

Can you name a few of your top students?

Jurek “Alien Slayer” is one of my most successful students; he won the 5k SCOOP this year and he gets to SuperNova Elite pretty much every year.

I’ve coached Chance Kornuth, a high stakes PLO pro who won a PLO bracelet.

Also, I’ve coached Adrian Buckley, who won the 2015 WSOP Millionaire Maker.

I’ve done coaching with quite a few successful players. But these three players would be the most well-known ones.

You and Gordon decided to partner up and offer a PLO Coaching For Profits deal. How did you get in contact with each other?

Actually, Gordon reached out to me, as BPC is only involved in No Limit Holdem and he liked to give his students the opportunity to learn PLO too. Of course, I said I would help. I like the way Gordon does business; he is very motivated and put a good team together here at

I’m very enthusiastic about the Coaching For Profits concept, as it gives players from every level a chance to become a professional poker player.

This is great news! What can students expect from the PLO Coaching For Profits deal?

Students will go through my trainings. It’s a step-by-step learning system. You can’t really advance in the program until you prove that you know the basics of the previous lessons. I think for a lot of players who are trying to learn a new game, one of their biggest obstacles is looking for study-methods and ways to learn the new game.

So if you want to have an exact path to learn to play PLO professionally from the ground up you should definitely sign up for my Coaching For Profits deal.

That sounds like a great fundamental to start a PLO career. When and how can people apply for the PLO Coaching For Profits deal?

Students can apply right now! The whole program will be off the ground and running start next week.

What are your goals within poker? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I think the most important thing is to do what you are passionate about. I will always be involved in poker. I play high stakes PLO live games two times a week and I also play some online to keep my game up-to-date. I love poker, love the people, love the game and love what poker has done for me.

As for a specific poker goal, it would be great to win another bracelet, but my main focus, for now, is making a success out of the PLO Coaching For Profits program! I hope I can help a lot of players succeed at their poker dreams!


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