“I went from losing to winning in only a couple of days.”

Please check out our interview with Adam, who is also from Sweden like Michael to whom we introduced you last week. Both joined our 6-max Micro team just a short time ago and already moved up into the 6-max Crusher team.

How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing?
My friend introduced me to poker in 2014. I started out by playing one 1$ spin and got lucky and won the 100$ as first. After that, I thought I was the best and ended up losing it all.
The thing that got me started for real was watching Martin Jacobsson win the WSOP Main Event it was a big motivation for me.
How did BPC help you to improve your game?
BPC helped me a lot. After studying the preflop and postflop standard lines I managed to go from a losing player to a winning one in only a couple of days.
BPC also helped me to realize the importance of table selection and playing on the best poker rooms. 
Where do you live and how is it to live there and what do you like about it? 
I live in a small village in the Swedish countryside.
It is quiet and not too far away from the bigger cities.
What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?
A big motivation to get on the grind every day is the feeling that I can make this myself and not depend on others economically.
I also set up big goals for myself as making it to the high stakes the next year, for example.
Can you recall a special moment or hand in poker, which was interesting for you during your time in BPC?
The most special moment as a BPC student was when I stacked two guys with a royal straight flush.
Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders?
A motivational tip is when you’re feeling down or you don’t want to play because of bad beats etc.
Watch some high stakes on YouTube or the guys playing 200$/400$ on stars and think that someday you will sit there yourself.
If you could give 1 advice to other players, what would that be?
The advice I can give is, don’t think too much, follow the standard lines, play on the right sites vs the fishest opponents and CRUSH!

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